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Strike Three for my PowerBook

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by yg17, Oct 3, 2006.

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    I was using my Powerbook the entire weekend, and it was fine. Today, I brought it to class as I always do, and I opened it up. The screen flickered a bit, then the backlight completely went out. Yes, brightness settings are up. When I put it to sleep and wake it, I get the full backlight, flickering, and then it's gone.

    So Sunday, my first free day, I get to make the hour and a half drive to the Apple Store, and another hour and a half back home. Not exactly how I wanted to spend my Sunday, my first day to sleep late, stay home and watch TV and play video games in several weeks.So needless to say, I'm pretty ****ing pissed off. But I digress.

    But, what pisses me off more is that this will not be repair number one. Nor will it be repair number 2. Yes, it will be repair number 3. First time was a new keyboard, second time was a new logic board. I'm hoping the 3rd time will not be a repair, rather a replacement. I'm a college student, frankly, I cannot go a couple weeks without my laptop. The first time I lucked out, that was over winter break. The second time I was not so lucky, right in the middle of midterms. And now it's midterm again, and again, I will be without my laptop.

    What is Apple's policy with replacements? The laptop is just over a year old (Thankfully, I got AppleCare, looks like it paid for itself), but again, this is the 3rd time. If this was a car, and the 3rd time within a year that it was rendered unusable and I'd be out it for a week, I'd definitely be making demands under the lemon law. I was told by the guy at the store the 2nd time that it generally takes 3 repairs for a replacement...what wasn't clear was if that was 3 repairs, then the 4th time was a replacement, or the 3rd time it would have to be sent out, they'd replace it. Either way, I think this is pretty ****** and I'm going to do my best to get it replaced. 3 times in a year is, in my book, unacceptable. Does anyone here think I'll have luck?

    And, now lets say I do get a replacement. The logical choice would be a 15" MacBook Pro, right? Well, I don't want that for a couple reasons. Number one, I have 2 gigs of RAM in my PowerBook, since those sticks won't work in an MBP, I'd be down to 512 and would be taking a hit there. Number two, The 15" MBP is bigger than the 15" PB. And I don't want anything bigger than my PB, it's already big enough, in fact, sometimes it's too big. I'd rather have a MacBook. Black one, and with maxed out RAM, it's the same price as the MBP. I'd be more than happy with that, now, does anyone think Apple would do that? Or, would they have to replace it with the MBP? Thanks
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    Mine was going in for repairs the third time when I contacted AppleCare and quite frankly I just told them that I wasn't content with the fact that I could be without my notebook for another 30 days, where they might or might not repair it.

    I got transfered to Customer Relations and they agreed that the solution were to replace my unit with a new one.

    They even upgraded my unit from the base line to the higher one.

    I decided to drop the coin for AppleCare Protection Plan, which might come in handy although so far this unit seems solid.

    You could ask if they would replace it with a maximized MacBook. If you say you will buy AppleCare Protection Plan with it, I think they are more than willing to do it.
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    Thanks, that's making me somewhat optomistic. I'll definitely buy AppleCare if it means getting a replacement, I just can't be without my Powerbook for that long.
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    Um well just argue with Apple if they tell you it needs to be sent in. Tell them stuff like "Well, maybe I'd be better off with Dell because they'd replace my system!". If you argue enough, they may just be able to give you a replacement.

    I haven't had any Apple product replaced yet, but I imagine they'd check the description of how it was ordered. Under my Powerbook's battery, it describes how much RAM was ordered, what size HD, etc. Which is what they'll replace it with, whatever your PB says it was ordered with.

    Hopefully it was ordered with 2GB RAM, if not I'm sorry for you. I hope they replace it for you to get you out of your trouble!! :)
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    No, the RAM is aftermarket. I'll gladly give up those 2 sticks of RAM to get a replacement.

    The way I'd like them to do it, is...the PB cost me $2,000 give or take. I'd like them to give me 2 grand to spend on Apple stuff. So I'd buy the MacBook and the RAM upgrade and be content.
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    If the RAM is not from them then I cant see them giving you credit for it. You may well be able to sell it on EBay though to try and recoup some of the cash.
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    Thats why Id rather get the cheaper Macbook and max out the RAM
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    I believe the policy is the third need to replace a major component, don't think your first keyboard fix fits this.

    I have had better luck dealing with applecare phone support, after they transfer you to a specialist, then my local genius bar. Also easier to overnight the powerbook then deal with genius bar appointments.

    Just some thoughts, but I bet they will want to try one more time at least before they offer a replacement.
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    The thing is, I HAVE to go to an Apple Store. I'm at college, so my address doesn't match, so that right there probably means they won't ship to me, and even if they did, I won't be home to sign for the package when it arrives, and the nearest DHL facility is probably about an hour away.
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    A bit off topic here, but isn't there a time where you can qualify for a replacement when a product is under repair for more than a certain amount of days (or something similar to that)?
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    I could be wrong, but i thought the lemon law stated that it needed to be the SAME repair 3x.. as in you had to send in your pb 3x for the logic board or w.e..

    but i could be wrong! either way if i were you,i'd deff ask for a replacement, as a college student who uses the 12in. pb every day for classes/amusement, idk what i'd do if i lost all my notes for my midterms and stuff...:eek: i hope you also back up quite often, and make sure to do it before sending it in!

    keep us updated.

    btw: if i were you, i'd take out the extra ram you purchased for your pb b4 sending it in. :eek:
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    Hey I'm having similar issues! I'm in college, and have a 15" Powerbook that I bought last august, so we may have the same rev. I have applecare and everything. Anyway, there's a bunch of problems with mine. My screen is flickering every time it gets moved the slightest, I'm afraid it's going to go dead soon, there's also a hair in my display and my clicker for the trackpad is all screwed up.

    Anyway, I went to the applestore a few times, and they say I have to send it out and it can take up to 10 days, but from what I have been hearing on the boards here, there's a chance it could even take much longer than that! I use it everyday, it's my only computer, how can I go that long without it???? I told that to them, I'm a photographer, student, basically use it for all the things they advertise that makes them so great.

    BTW, I'm pretty sure they'll ship to your college. I got the replacement battery for my PB sent to me school...

    I don't know what to do... :mad:
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    Took it to the Apple Store today...no replacement. Apparently 3 times isn't enough to warrant a replacement :rolleyes:

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