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Strong Bad fans?

Discussion in 'Community' started by anneleonard, May 29, 2003.

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    Check this out, an app to let you view any strong bad emails & other homestarrunner cartoons and view them at any size, I like full screen :)
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    I'm a fan. Good stuff.


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    Just have a look at my blog's URL. Of course I'm a fan!! ;)
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    burnitating the countryside....
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    count me in.... strong bad rocks... :-D
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    burninating the peasants...
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    Well I can't be a "Strong Bad Fan," still using Mac OS 9!
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    Hey Steve!
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    I'm a much larger fan of Homestar than Strong Bad. Something about Homestar's manner of speech just gets inside my head and starts kicking my brain's ass until I have no choice but to proclaim Homestar Runner as my hero!!!111 (which he is)

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    I'll get you Hey Steve, if it's the last thing I doooooooooooo!

    Sweet Cuppin Cakes!
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    Yeah, I am a fan, in fact, you may call me macphisto "the yellow-dart" macphisto.

    That right there should elevate me to demi god status. :D:):D
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    the easter eggs are sometimes the best bits! the game on the monster truck (sunday, sunday SOMEDAY! featuring a special appearance from limozeen) is wikid!
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    hacven't seen that one. this is a fave:

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    I just looked at your profile and saw that you have a dual 450. have you tried running os x on there? or is it slow? :confused:
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    ...anyone ever managed the full 2500 points on the awexome cross game? i juyst did it :D
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    Currently I just don't see the need to upgrade. Mac OS 9 does everything that I need currently! I have promised myself a new Mac for a year now! Keeping track of rumors, has caused me to wait. So it appears that my wait is almost over! ;)
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    I just beat it!

    How addicting! ;) :D
  21. Wes
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    Hahhaa, I have three essays to write tomrrow, Wesley "The Yellow Dart" Bourne could raise my grade. Also a few £ taped on the back would help as well. ;)

    Edit: What do you think I should do, Double space action? Triple Space Action?
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    I vote for Double space action!
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    don't forget the random diagrams

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  24. Wes
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    How could I forget? I suppose I could get away with a few random pictures on the photography essay...
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    I have a dual 450 and i was running OS x.1 on it forever... it ran well. It had 672mb of ram and 60gb hd.

    PS7 was a bit sludgy (but i never noticed until i upgraded to a Dual Gig QS)

    That said, it saw a bit of aboost when i installed jaguar.

    I'm selling it if anyone wants it. :) It benchmarks similar to a G4 800 QS (single processor)

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