Struggling with iPad on the couch

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by Cybersteve, Jul 6, 2011.

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    I like to lie on the couch, knees up, when using my iPad. I am getting tired of using a pillow to put the iPad on. What other options are our there?
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    thats cute and to think all this time I've been using my lap dog to lean my ipad against
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    Pillow for iPad

    I just got a tyPillow made by accessory workshop. it's a little bit cheaper and much softer
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    :D My Yorkie often serves the same purpose!:D
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    Your knees?
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    This may be what you're looking for. It's called the Incase Lounge case. It has a nice pillow for couch viewing.

    Incase's website

    Here's a review from Gizmodo.

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    I just use the Switcheasy Canvas in landscape.

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    Did you see the foam cushions that can be attached to the bottoms? They allow the stand to be used on uneven surfaces. I don't really use it for lying on the couch more just sitting and slouching I guess.
  14. WedgeE, Jul 27, 2011
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    This is what I created and use

    I can't post sites yet but it is Check it out and tell me what you guys think. Thank you!
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    Compile 'em all

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    My daughter's $5 beanie pillow works for me. I can squoosh it into any shape and raise the iPad to any angle. Don't let the purple scare you. These come in more manly colors.


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    for 5$ i'm interested! where can I get this at?
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    WedgePad all the way. I've had one since a few weeks after they came out, and it's hands down the best accessory I bought for the iPad. I'm a "curl on the couch" girl, and this thing balances itself on my knees in virtually any position I get into--the microfiber is fairly non slip, especially when wearing jeans. It's small enough and squishy enough that it travels well too. I don't even bother with a case when I'm home; during the day, the iPad sits on the WedgePad, at night, it's on a stand for charging. (Only the very thinnest of cases work with it, at least for the original iPad--the original black Apple case, a TPU back are fine, but even my Yoobao slim is too thick. Not sure about the iPad 2 cases.)

    My only complaint was the white elastics, since I have an original black iPad. Easily solved with a couple of applications of black Sharpie pen (no, it doesn't come off on your hands). And I believe they brought out an all black model a couple months back.

    I also have the Peeramid pillow pictured in the second post--bought it for the Kindle a couple of years ago. They're well made and attractive. It's fine for the iPad if you do nothing but sit very upright with your knees flat, and if you do little to no typing as the angle is terrible for your wrists. Great for reading, not so much for responding to posts. And many cases are too thick when folded back to use with it as well.
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    Last year I got it at Menards in a big bin near one of their checkout lanes. You can also find them at Bed,Bath, & Beyond but a bit more expensive. Check out drugstores like CVS & Walgreens too.

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