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Resolved stuck in mission control after moving windows

Discussion in 'OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)' started by qoem, May 2, 2012.

  1. qoem, May 2, 2012
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    so yeah like many of you I'm pretty pleased with the "new" exposé-like feature of mission control, but I found out a horrific bug that basically leaves the computer in persistent vegetative state.

    if I deactivate the "window grouping" feature of mission control and try moving a window from a workspace to another one (not by pushing it to one side, I mean properly by mission control) there is no way out of mission control apart from a hard reboot.

    I haven't noticed if it appeared on its own (as in, I had been able to move windows around but at some point it decided to stop working) or if it's a bug in the latest update of ML, in which case if any of you guys with a dev account can reproduce it it's probably a good idea to report it, although maybe it's already known.
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    This is definitely a bug. I got out of it last time by pressing COMMAND + Space (which works for some reason in this Expose limbo) to open Spotlight, type in 'terminal' to open it, and then type "killall Dock" which resets Mission Control and makes the world right again haha.
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    I'm seeing this too :-( I'll have to try the Command + Space exit strategy. Hopefully that will work.
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    Hope you guys are reporting this to Apple! It's an obvious bug, and they'll fix it if they see that more people are having it.
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    I just installed the latest version and it's outrageous that this bug hasn't yet been fixed.
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    Thanks for the "grouping windows" tip. I check ed that again and all seems well.
    I have sent this feedback to Apple as I am sure many others have.

    What a weird bug.
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    Reported this error with Apple engineers in ADC. Does this only occur when "Group windows by application" is unchecked?

    I also added a few notes:

    - don't remove this option as many want it (just fix it) :)

    - Allow windows that have been mistakenly moved to the wrong desktop to be moved again without leaving "Mission Control" as once was allowed in 10.5/6 "Spaces" (currently one has to exit "Mission Control", move to the desktop with the erroneously moved app/Finder window, activate "Mission Control" and move it to the correct desktop)

    - Allow assigning app's within "System Preferences" instead of needing to move to each desktop, make certain the app is in your dock, right click and select the option for assigning the app to that desktop. Before, you could simply select which app you would like to certain desktop(s) easily in "Spaces" preferences.
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    If it works like it does in Lion, you don't have to leave Mission Control to get to the windows on other desktops. On trackpad you can swipe or use the keyboard shortcuts (those you use outside MC for switching desktops) to switch desktops right within Mission Control.
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    You don't have to. Simply Ctrl-Arrow/Swipe within Mission Control and you actually can traverse the desktops.

    Much needed. This enter the desired Desktop, dragging an app into the Dock if it's not open, click and hold the icon then finally get to assign it flow gets old really quickly.
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    The point about moving windows in and out of desktops in "Mission Control" is that extra steps are needed, I know this. However with Spaces in previous OS X versions you simply move the window, then move it again, and on and on. No need for extra keystrokes, or switching to that desktop, or extra steps. Open "Spaces" and the grid pops up, and that's it, all your desktops are displayed in a grid (3x3 for example) and you simple move windows around without any extra steps or moving to desktops or leaving the app. Very simple, easy, and fast. Also assigning app's in "Mission Control" to desktops is awful, that needs to change and thankfully TotalSpaces already offers that solution. :)
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    That is true. I would take Spaces + Exposé (10.5) over Mission Control any day for this reason (and a bunch of others).

    The point we made though is that you do not actually have to exit Mission Control to switch desktops, contrary to what you claimed in your previous message :)
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    has anybody tested the DP4 to check if this has been fixed?
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    Yeah it has been fixed (for me at least) , also had a response from bug reporter saying that they believe it has been fixed in DP4
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    yeah, i can confirm as well, great!
  15. thejadedmonkey, May 3, 2013
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    I know this is an older post, but does anyone have any idea how to get out of it if killall Dock doesn't work?

    This is what my desktop looks like right now, and I'd rather not reboot...

    Edit: I managed to fix the issue by going into the activity monitor and force killing the window manager, which was chewing through 15% of my CPU. It very slowly brought everything back, but I rebooted anyway.

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