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Studio Display 17" or Formac Gallery 1740

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by noelmac75, Jan 31, 2003.

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    Which do you think is the better display, the apple studio display 17" or the Formac Gallery 1740, I heard that the casing on the formac is not as strong as the apple, but the quality of the lcd is better than the apple, is this true, give me your opinions on which is the better one.
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    tis true. the formac is a better LCD. the apple is a better case.

    also apple has a lower dead ixel standard than formac.

    i dont know if the formacs have either a) the USB hub like apple or b)the power switch for the cpu.

    good luck
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    Which is more important the better lcd or the case, i dont know which one to get, i've seen the apple display before but never the formac, it looks really nice design, but it does look quite weak at the back, the apple looks made of steel and clear plastic and a thicker back on it, whats the power switch for the cpu, would the formac have any bigger screen size than the formac, also whats this contrast ratio all about?

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