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studio display or old crt???

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by erova, Jan 18, 2002.

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    Hi everyone...

    i was hoping i could get some advice about what the heck i should get for my 533 desktop...

    my old samsung 19" is about to die, and i'm torn between shelling out the cash for the 17" studio display, or buying an older apple crt for about 300 dollars (US) , or just going out to get a new beige box monitor...pretty much i use it for motion graphics, video, and multimedia/web design...

    any ideas ??
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    My favourite choice:

    The LaCie 18" Electron Blue II LCD. Very tasty. If you must have colour calibration do the LaCie 22" Electron Blue III CRT with the colour eye.
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    I like the colors in a LCD.....but CRT's, I feel, give better color accuracy....
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    If colour accuaracy is important then get a CRT. As for a type, the old apple crt monitors are very good + would match up better with your computer. Only get the plain old monitors if you cant afford an apple one.
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    yeah, i'm definitely aware of that...do you think one of those old (1999) graphite CRT monitor (the 21") for under 400 is a decent deal? or do you think the pixels could be shot in a year and I'll be right back where i am now?
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    I dont know about the price, but apple monitors are good quality + I would have thought that you could easily get three years out of one. However, if the monitor has been used without a screen saver then it could be a bit iffy.
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    yeah, that three year rule is what scares me a little...obviously those big 21's have got to be at least three years old into 2002, and the last thing i want to do is have two washed-up used monitors for about what i could have paid for a brand new lcd, or just buy a sony 19 from anywhere...plus sometimes i kick myself for whining about what monitor to buy when i've shelled out the cash for the 533 (and a damn titanium)....what do you guys use? i've gone into design shops i contract with and they have their full time regulars working on g3's with 17" monitors, so sometimes i think i'm a little spoiled...
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    I use a LG 17". However, it is not the most reliable that I have ever seen - turn the refresh rate up to 85Hz and it whistles even though it shouldn't. If I was you, + had the money I would get the 17" LCD. Its a great looking monitor and if you can afford it why not? As for the colour replication, I am sure that its not a huge difference and you probably would not notice anything. However, I have not experience on them so its just an opinion.
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    Our shop does CAD.

    We have seriously noisey power so CRT's get pretty beat up. The newest Monitor we use is a 2 month old Cinema. The next oldest is a Lacie 19" Electron Blue. It's GORGEOUS and significantly clearer than Apple CRT's.The Oldest is a "Refurbished" Colorsync 19" .......I know at some point it'll lose gun convergence, The old Beige Apples always do.

    I used to sell Sonys, Mitsubishis, LaCies ans Apple CRTs side by side. The best colour depth and grid-accuracy was the LaCie. The finest resolution was the Mitsubishi. The easiest to calibrate (Interface-wise) was the Apple.
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    yeah, my old boss has always been up on the lacie for a while...plus it look like its only about 700 bucks, not bad compared to what else is out there...sounds like there are definitely some other decent LCD's out there (with larger than 17" viewable) that aren't an easy grand huh...but do you guys think that the dvd format is an apple benefit for going studio, or will the other lcd's duplicate that just fine (since i still do a good amount of dv editing and motion graphics for video)....
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    FCP and the Cinema

    The Apple Cinema is the ONLY monitor I've seen that can have FCP open full size with room left over to see the desktop. Everything else is just aspect ratio and resolution.
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    Re: My favourite choice:

    I agree. I use the CRT La Cie 22 inch Electron Blue now for more than 2 years. Very good monitor, flat screen and one of the cheapest. Heavy and spacious though... but reliable.
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    LaCie is also my favorite

    we have a bunch of cinema diplays and 17' lcd from apple at our research site and i personally have a 19' crt (blue) from LaCie.

    I'm VERY happy with the LaCie ... and yes the cinema displays are beautiful and huge ... but i get really annoyed when you move position and the colors change or the blacks get 'inverted' ...happens all the time (not a pecific apple problem, happens to most of lcd's) ... i'm even thinking about buying the 22' LaCIE (gorgeus but big thing!) 2000x1200px!! ... costs still 100$ less than 17' apple lcd ... sorry

    only if u really do graphics and/or video... and i'm not a high end guy but have 2 good eyes ... and oh, yes, lcd's are better for your eyes ... well what the ...:p
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    cool, thanks a lot you guys...appreciate the help...
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    Apple LCD

    I love my 17'' Apple LCD. I had the chance to work on a 22" last week... and I fell inlove. If you can afford ether of them... go for it. By far, Apple makes the best LCD's I have ever seen.
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    I have to also put in a vote for the Lacie electron blue.

    I have 3 of them in my lab.

    If you spend much time infront of a monitor, don't be cheap and buy the biggst and cheapest monitor that you can find at costco.

    I Love the colours of the Lacie, but I would also appreciate the flicker free LCD

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