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Studios sue Pixar, demand bad movie. "Stop making the rest ...

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Nov 20, 2004.

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    I changed the tag to "humor" from news - this is a fake story, right?
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    I should hope so! :eek:
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    If it is actually news I'm shocked!
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    You did look at the rest of the site, right? ;)

    "Dateline Hollywood was founded in 360 BC as "Gladiators Weekly" to cover the booming entertainment industry in the coliseums of ancient Rome. Its pioneering analysis of the statistics of lion mauls and emperor thumbs up/down made it the original publication to take the business of entertainment seriously. Its premiere edition included "The Ten Gladiators to Watch" and an analytic feature, "Deaths by Daggers Down LXVIII Percent.""

    And so on :)
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    now adays, i wouldnt be shocked if this really was news.

    companies latley have been sueing other companys any chance they get, copyright, patent, use of name, anything.

    kinda funny thow, well written.

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    Umm......yeah, I'm sure it's a fake article. That's not even refutable if you bother reading through the article and look at the site itself. ;)

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