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Stuff for sale....... Mac and PC

Discussion in 'Marketplace Archive 1 (Posts count)' started by capone2, Jul 17, 2005.

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    Sold out.
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    interested in the speakers, is that price shipped?
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    Is the Powermate the balck or the silver one? I want it either way.
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    Ill offer $50 shipped for Microsoft Office X.

    That is the one with the "aqua interface" right and not an upgrade version?
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    I'm also very interested in the Creature II speakers, let me know what you want in terms of shipping and what kind of condition they are in and we can work a deal out!
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    I haven't heard from you about the Powermate yet. I still want to buy it. :)
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    What color are the creatures, if white I will take them off your hands for $45.00 if they are in good condition, with no defects and minimal wear. Thank you
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    PM sent last night, let me know. Thanks.
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    Office X

    Yes 75 shipped is fine, but i dont know how we would take care of payment??
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    "Microsoft grants licensing rights for Office Student and Teacher Edition 2003 with the following restrictions:
    You can't transfer your usage rights to another individual."

    You will find that all of the Microsoft Student programs (IIRC), whether purchased as a student edition or as an Academic or Education license through a University, prohibit transfer (sale) of the program. That's one trade-off you make for the much lower purchase price. The other is that the Ed versions and Student versions do not usually qualify for upgrades to a new version.
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    Well is this the Student and Teacher Edition or Standard edition?
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    Paypal? Do you have any ebay feedback?
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    it is student teacher but

    if not in use and not reg to u its not a problem, i checked of course.
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    Whats going on here? Do you want to sell? I have sent PM's to you.

    Just wondering whats going on. If you dont want to just let me know so I can keep looking.

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    Are your prices shipped? I want the PowerMate if it's still available, and can Paypal ASAP.

    Thanks, Steve
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    I already bought the Powermate on Tuesday. It just hasn't been taken off the list.
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    Okay, thanks. It looked like you were going to get'em, but still saw them on the list-
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    u want it ?

    Have u sent out payment ? Oh i thought u were no longer interested ? thank god i checked the thread!!
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    for what the office ? yes ? i dont like paypal so i can't think of another solution? unless u can?
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    I sent the payment out on Wednesday. Sorry for the confusion.
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    oh great thanks, i almost sold it today...that was close.
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    That was close. You should have the MO tomorrow or sometime early next week. Thanks for not selling it. :D
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    If you cant accept Paypal then I cannot pay. Simple as that. If you would have answered that within the few times I have stated in this thread and in my PM's than this would have been over by now. You even quoted me asking you about Paypal and didnt answer.

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    I haven't recieved your MO?? what would u like me to do.

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