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Stuffit Deluxe vs .sit

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by pistooli, May 5, 2012.

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    My main machine is an iBook G4 running Leopard (in my sig). But I also do use OS8.6 and OS9 a lot on other machines. I am looking for a way to create .sit compressed archives on the iBook, to be transfered to my older machines. Recent stuffit deluxe creates only .sitx files. I am aware that Stuffit 7.x can indeed extract .sitx under OS9, but I use 5.5 on those machines.

    Can anybody advise me? Which version will run on my Leopard, and still can create .sit archives? Thanks.
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    Jethryn Freyman

    If I remember correctly, v6 creates .sit files and runs under OS X, at least, I *think* I remember running it on 10.3. See if you can find that version...
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    I have a bad habit of collecting stuff because freeware/shareware developers have a bad habit of either dissapearing or making their stuff commercial only.

    Consequently, I have a copy of Stuffit Standard 8.0.2. I believe it's the last version that they allowed you to have all the components on. It works in Leopard. DropZip, DropStuff, DropTar and Stuffit Expander.

    You can have .sit or .sitx with this version. I've put it up on my Dropbox for you here if you want it.
  4. pistooli, May 6, 2012
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    Many thanks! Downloaded, and will try it. :)

    EDIT: Tried it. Works! Thanks a lot!

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    Great, glad I could help.

    Yeah, once Aladdin Systems got bought out or whatever happened to the company, the new company started locking things down. All you can download now is Stuffit Expander so I rely on this version because it's still fully functional.
  6. iki, May 11, 2012
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    Does anyone know if there is a solution for making sit files on an Intel Mac???

    Version 8 is PPC only. As is 10, as far as I can tell, which seems to have a hidden sit option according to this thread.
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  8. iki
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    Thanks for the link. Unfortunately, it only reads stuffit format. After googling some more, only DropStuff has ever been able to make them. It seems like virtualizing OS X with Rosetta or running a classic OS in Shapeshifter are the only options.
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    v10.0.2 Deluxe works fine. I am using it on my iBook G4. I guess it should work on Intel Mac as long as Rosetta works too.

    The "trick" is to change in the preferences from .sitx to .sit, and use the archive option from the MagicMenu.
  10. iki
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    Yes, that's the catch. Rosetta is gone in Lion :(
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    Well, in that case the only chance is virtualisation, I guess.

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