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Stupid little thing i cant figure out

Discussion in 'iPod' started by macmike22, Apr 26, 2009.

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    Hey there, this is really embarrassing but for some strange reason my itunes music has been sorted differently, i think i pressed some button whilst cleaning my keyboard. Anyway instead of having album covers for every artist, and when I click on the artist, all albums are listed, album covers are listed now. Anybody knows how to get it back to artist covers?? Cheers
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    Sorry I don't exactly understand what your asking. But maybe this will help you.
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    It looks like you switched to Grid view,

    Picture 1.png

    change it back to list view by choosing this one.

    Picture 2.png
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    Im terrible at explaining things
    basically i was in grid view before ok, and for every artist there was an album cover. When i clicked on the artist a list of albums and songs came up.
    However, now, instead of there being only one cover per artist, every album of that artist is showing up on the whole grid.. basically spamming it up
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    Click the Artists button in the grid view then ...
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    From within grid view, check if you're on the "Artist" or "Album" subpage. "Album" should look like what you're describing, and "Artist" is what you want.
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    christ thats really bad i didnt see that
    sorry for wasting your time but thanks alot!!!

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