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Stupid Tech support lackey

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by oldschool, Oct 19, 2003.

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    So I ordered Apple Care through the technical support line, because they always do that "have we told you about apple care" bs before I call, so i just got it.

    BUT when I phoned to register, and ask for a proof of purchase for my apple care first they asked why. I told them that if I ever wanted to cancel applecare I would need the proof of purchase. And the dumbass told me to phone applecare directly, but wouldn't give me the number I would have to call.

    Also, I was told that from now on because I got an education discount, I would have to phone an education tech support number instead, with reduced hours of operation and only open five days a week. ANYONE else heard of this?
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    by the way, you can cancel applecare. You get a full refund minus 10% and any repair charges incurred. So if near the end of the term, you realize you never used it once, you can get almost a full refund.

    Its like this with every extended warranty.
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    EDUCATION tech support? That doesn't sound right at all. I purchased my current PowerBook with the educatioon discount, and the two times I've called, I haven't had any such thing happen..... Huh. Did you buy it as an individual, or did you use a University purchasing agent? If it's the latter, I can understand having devoted solely to official education purchases, but not for individuals.
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    I just got the online education discount.

    Personal college user.

    The guy wasn't very polite about it either. Said that I shouldn't have phoned him.

    Stupid me, should have gotten a name and complained.
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    There was another user who was complaining about this too, but I have bought a lot of Apple stuff using the education discount and I have sent my iBook back to the shop multiple times :( using AppleCare and they have never given me any trouble. I use the normal number like everyone else. But I must say that I did not purchase AppleCare with my education discount as I was worried that it would count as one of my two education software purchases for that year. I only purchased my iBook through the education store. I paid full price for AppleCare

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