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Subscription Apps on Multiple Devices...like MLB AB 2010

Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by ODog4523, Apr 14, 2010.

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    Thinking about getting the ipad.

    Having downloaded and paid 15 bucks for the MLB app on my phone, would I have to rebuy it to enjoy the blown up fancy ipad version, or would iTunes recognize that both devices are owned by me and sync to both so I can use all the paid features on the new ipad??
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    No one wants to weigh in on this?? There must be another baseball fan out there with this issue :)

    Another similar example:
    I get that some developers have two version of their apps now, like Real Racing and Real Racing HD, so obviously you'd have to rebuy that one for IPad.

    Now SportsTap, along with a few others, recently pushed out an update to my IPhone that included "support for IPad" or something along those lines. If I'm syncing both devices to the same computer, I guess each device will handle the correct version of the app on its own?

    So subscription fees aside, will the MLB app sync to both devices and run the correct version on each one?
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    MLB at Bat isn't a universal application, you need to pay $15 for the iPad version also.
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    If you want the iPad version, you'll have to dish out another 15 bucks. Pretty lame, to be honest. These apps should be free with the MLB.tv subscription, just like the Netflix app is free for subscribers.

    You can run the MLB iPhone app on your iPad, but you'll have to run it in 2x mode so it'll be fuzzy.
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    I've actually written to them about this. Quite frankly if I pay for the MLB.com sub at $100 a year/season then I'd hope to get the app for free. Honestly it's not worth it to me to have it on both a computer, iPad, and iPhone. I believe it's incredibly cheap of them to pull this and that is why I'd refuse to buy it for more than one platform. Unfortunately the iPad app can't be used on the phone from what I understand.
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    Wow, bummer. I agree, that's crap.
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    Yes, I've already given them hundreds of dollars over the years with my MLB.tv subscription. It's ridiculous that they want to milk my wallet even more. I shouldn't have to pay extra just to access my subscription on a different device. It's the same content I'm already paying for.
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    I wouldn't even mind putting down some small amount (say 1.99 or something) just to cover the developement of the new app (as if they need it), but the full 15 bucks for all the score and audio and video highlight services and such? Come on!
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    I could see charging more for people who aren't MLB.tv subscribers, but it should be different for those of us who are already paying for a monthly subscription.

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