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Suburban Square (Ardmore, PA)

Discussion in 'iPhone Launch Meetups' started by elephunkman, Jun 7, 2010.

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    Anyone meeting up here? I'm coming!
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    Nobody will be here with me? :)
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    Come to Allentown..lol 3 of us are meeting !!
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    That's a tad far for 1AM haha.
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    So you are going to be in line at 1 AM lol
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    Always 6 hours ahead! AT&T is set to open at 7AM, I hope Apple is the same.
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    Im coming.
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    I'll beat you to it.
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    I'll be there, camping out, even though I preordered. I don't think my friend can preorder on the 15th so another kid and I will be there, saving her a spot in line!
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    What time is everyone going to be here? I'm planning on calling the store around close time and ask them if anyone is outside. If there is, I'm going at 10
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    Do you really need to camp out even if you pre-ordered? I was just going to try to get there a couple hours earlier than they open...and hope that I'll be in and out before anyone notices I'm not at work LOL...
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    If you preorder your getting one if you show up in the first 24hrs. I don't get why all these pre-order people are worried
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    So if I show up the night before, I'll have a good chance of getting one? Or are all the people who pre-ordered going to take priority over us who are just waiting?

    I guess what I'm asking is - is it worth it?
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    People who have a reservation will of course get the priority, but the store will also have some stock available for those of us without a pre-order. The big question is how much they'll have in the "walk-in" pile, and how quickly it will go.

    That being said, I can't imagine you walking away empty-handed if you wait in line all night long, unless the non-pre-order supply is much lower than expected.

    I'm definitely waiting at the Ardmore store (elephunkman, I guess your thread won :D ), but I can't get there until around 3 or 4AM. Hopefully, that will be early enough.
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    They have two separate lines, one for reservations and the other for walk ins. And, just a reminder, a preorder is different from a reservation. Reserved goes first, once that line is almost depleted, walk ins go next.

    Worst case scenario, those backed up in the walk in line may get a phone, but be ready to not have the model you want, such as you wanting a 32gb but having only 16gb left and vice versa.
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    Ok, so what's the difference between a reservation and a pre-order? I thought I "pre-ordered" on the 15th, but my reminder email says to come pick up my "reserved" iPhone 4.

    Sorry, new to this whole pre-ordering drama... :eek:
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    I will be there. What time is everyone else going??
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    Anyone have experience with past iPhone launches? What's it like at Ardmore versus King of Prussia? The KOP thread definitely has more people posting...
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    I think KOP will be bananas.
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    I was thinking like 5/6am. I pre-ordered so I'm not trying to be camping out.
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    I camped out for the first iphone at KOP. They went on sale at 6PM so it wasn't a big deal because the mall was already open. But I hear that the mall doors will open at 6am on Thursday. I don't like the idea of all the mall entrances and then it could be a race to the store when they open the doors. I'd much rather go to ardmore since the store is outdoors.
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    Yeah, that's what I'm worried about too. But do you think the Ardmore Apple Store will receive as many non-reserved iPhones as the KOP store?
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    I'm actually closer to the KoP mall, but I'm making the extra drive to Ardmore because I think it will be a better experience. Waiting outside (which is a plus for me), a line right outside the store (no potential for a mad rush), a bigger Apple store, etc.

    I should be arriving between 3AM and 4AM -- pretty early, but I haven't got a preorder, so I need all the spare time I can get.
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    I think KOP will have more phones but they both will have alot so there shouldn't be any problems if you arrive early. I had a preorder but was mysteriously cancelled. I plan on getting there about 1 or 2am.
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    You guys wanna exchange numbers or email addresses to keep each other up to date on the line situation if one of us gets there earlier?

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