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Discussion in 'Current Events' started by sketchy, Mar 24, 2004.

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    NASA - Subvocal Speak

    NASA has found a way to record subvocal speak. I think this is really really cool and can have many great applications... but I also find it creepy.

    Cellphones -- great idea - no more having to hear other peoples conversations. and bad idea. how many times have you thought "idiot" when talking to someone.

    The most creepy application I an think of is a lie detector. We can hear what you think and what you say

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    Well, you have to talk to yourself for this to work - it can't read your thoughts. So, if you're in the midst of a polygraph test and you silently mouth "idiot", well, you deserve to be heard....

    I think it's a great app. Sort of akin to hearing really quiet whispers. No mind reading....
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    Les Kern

    See the related site: Mind Control
    They talk about controlling the computer with the mind....
    I guess we're just looking at the evolution of new technology, and I certainly expect to see it applied within my lifetime.
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    I bet the military can't WAIT to get their hands on this.
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    Come on, man, they already have it. They knew you were going to type that before your fingers moved... ;)
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    I can see many good uses for this technology. With this there will be no more secrets. Though some truths can be damaging. The use in space and noisy areas would be the best uses. I still can remember how difficult to talk to other nurses, corpsman, and patients on the C 141. So noisy that you needed ear plugs to prevent damage to the ear.
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    if the military does already have this, they gave it to Egyptians or Saudis to help in the 'interrogation' of 'enemy combatants' :rolleyes:

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