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Suggestions for a new TV

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by sdilley14, Dec 26, 2012.

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    I am starting to look into buying a new TV.

    What I want out of my new TV...

    3+ HDMI Outputs
    Optical Audio Output
    120 Hz + refresh rate
    Price range: $1200 or less

    What I'm really not interested in...

    3D capability
    Smart TV / built in apps
    Internet connectivity
    USB connectivity (though it wouldn't hurt)

    So as you can see, I'm basically just looking for a nice quality, no frills, "dumb" TV, fairly large size, good amount of outputs, and it has to be LCD. 55" is pretty ideal considering my living room set up, but I would be OK going a few inches smaller or bigger if the price is right.

    Here is the TV I have been looking at...


    This pretty much hits the sweet spot of price/quality/size. Though I would be interested in a similar TV without the smart TV function and a little bit smaller in size if it is a good enough deal. I would prefer to buy off of Amazon to avoid sales tax. :) I found a comparable 55" Vizio at my local Wal-Mart for $868...but after 5.5% sales tax, it seems like a better idea to just spend the extra $100 and get this decked out 60".

    I'm not at all married to the idea of getting a Vizio. I would be open to any brand. I've just been looking at this one because it seems to fit all my criteria, it's at a great price point, and the Amazon reviews have been largely positive.
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    Sorry not a big TV guy - love projectors and recommend those for most people - but usually amazon reviews will point you in a good direction.
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    Samsung are great. Highly recommended
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    Lg, vizio, or Samsung are your best bets.

    Just curious, why does it have to be a LCD ?
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    I mostly want an LCD because the room it will be in is exposed to a lot of sunlight. I can't imagine that a glossy plasma would perform well in those conditions.
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    Nope, probably not.
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    I think just about everything in that size is "Smart" to some extent or other now, but you can ignore that. I have a Sony Bravia...It is 3D but they do a standard LED model. I can honestly say it;s the best picture quality I've had yet.
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    That's what I'm gathering...pretty much every TV this size is more or less a smart TV now. The only comparable "dumb" TVs I am finding have a 60hz refresh rate as opposed to 120hz, 2 maaaaybe 3 HDMI outputs, slightly weaker contrast ratio...so I might be paying less for a comparable size TV and stripping away all the extra software frills, but performance is also taking a considerable dive as well.

    3D seems to be one of the only "smart extras" (for lack of a better term) that you have to pay extra for now. Netflix, YouTube, apps like that all seem to come standard in most larger TVs now. 3D would be nice to have, but I wouldn't see myself utilizing it a lot and certainly wouldn't want to pay extra for it if I could avoid doing so.
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    I like it, read up on it and found some good write ups on the picture calibriation. Turn off Smooth Motion as it makes everything look like a soap opera. I have my apple TV plugged into a Vizio soundbar I also purchased from Costco. For large purchases (size) I like the abilty of a store return should there be anything wrong with it. Free shipping is fine until you have to send it back. The remote does have a keyboard to make using the "smart" features much more bearable. I like the ability of it being smart even if I hardly use it.
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    Nice. Yeah, the great majority of the reviews I have read on it have been positive. You make a good point about being able to return it easily if I buy it from a brick and mortar store. I guess I need to decide if $55 in sales tax is worth that option.

    Ughghgh...I am having a hard time coming to terms spending $1k on this when I just found out that WalMart had this for sale on black Friday as did Amazon, both selling it for under $700. I don't know why that is bugging me so much. :S It's not like the next black Friday is right around the corner. :/.
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    Vizio do some great tv's with a nice quality picture for very reasonable prices (particularly at Costco) also Panasonic or Samsung, these are the top tv makers in my opinion.

    its kinda hard to buy a big screen tv without it coming with the frills such as internet connectivity/3d etc etc - but it doesn't mean you have to use it?

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    I hear you. I was just hoping to get a set a little cheaper without having all the smart TV functions. I have an XBox 360, PS3, and an Apple TV, so I'll be using those for apps and streaming and whatnot.
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    If you want actual top quality picture there are only 4 manufacturers to buy from. Sharp, Samsung, Sony, and Panasonic (Maybe LG if you pay out the nose for it).

    If this is a highly lit area, then don't buy the Panasonic because of the glare.

    People who say Vizio or Insignia or any other brand is just as high quality is plain wrong, and there is lots and lots of research out there to back up my statement. Of course if you personally cannot tell the difference then buy the Vizio, there is no point in buying the Lamborghini if you live on a dirt road.

    Read reviews on AVforums and look through what they have to say. Many of the forum users there have been in the A/V industry for many years and definitely know their stuff.

    It's all about what looks good to you. Go to your local Best Buy or Frys and look at the TV's side by side. Most of the time with Vizio you will find that low light scenes don't have as high of quality or that colors wont quite look as vibrant. If your eyes cant see the difference, buy whatever the cheapest one you can find in your size range until you see a degrade in picture quality.
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    I'd like to add a question to the discussion since I am in the market for a new HDTV.

    What do you think about warranties? Or extended warranties?

    It seems that most standard warranties cover parts for a year and labor for 90 days.

    This is the minimum require by law in the US, other countries have it much better.

    I think I'll pay for a warranty considering LEDs and LCDs don't seem to last as long as the old tubes I grew up with.

    I've taken all the business school stats classes on how companies figure out warranties etc...

    But it is a sad state for consumer electronics if I have to pay labor fees (Which usually cost more than the parts) for a product that fails 91 days after purchase.

    Granted, having a full 1 year warranty AND labor might increase the price $100 but I'd feel better about the purchase.

    So it seems some warranty may be good. Any recommendations? 3rd party or whatever?
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    I bought a LG - 55" Class - LED - 1080p - 240Hz - Smart - 3D - HDTV.

    I don't understand this 1080p stuff, as I have a 42" plasma in my man cave at 720p and it looks the same. Also, it claims 240Hz, but my TV says 60Hz when I change channels on Comcast. Smart, I never use any of the apps. 3D, haven't used it since like the forth week of the NFL season.

    http://www.bestbuy.com/site/LG+-+55...18551141126&skuId=4852471&st=LG 55"&cp=1&lp=1

    I just hung the TV up on the wall, which is a bad idea, because now my TV looks SMALL on a huge wall! I might cut my losses and sell this for a few hundred cheaper and upgrade to like a 70" normal TV. :D

    But don't get me wrong, the image on this TV is like no other TV I've ever owned, it's crystal clear and when I watched football in 3D, I felt like I was on the field!
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    That's why I love projectors - you can transform the entire wall into a TV :) - quite awesome
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    Your TV says 60Hz because that's the signal coming in. Your TV is 240Hz which adds frames to the 60Hz signal to try and help smooth the frames.
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    Well that is the one and only reason i would recommend LED/LCD over Plasma, if in a dark room i always recommend Plasma as it is gives a better picture overall. I guess any of the Samsung LED tvs that are in your price range should do the trick.
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    I don't get it. Is that what the TruMotion is? I can put it on Normal, Fast, Faster and it looks like everything is speeding but it's still in sync.
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    Yes, you're right. I know some people don't like it as it makes things look like a soap opera, but others prefer it when watching sports.

    FYI: If you play any multiplayer games, tun on Game Mode or disable TruMotion as it causes a delay in what you see. You don't notice it, but it's there since the TV has to process the video first, add frames, then display it to you.
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    So it's mainly for sports?

    I don't know if my TV has Game Mode. I was playing with TruMotion, didn't notice a lag. What would help to play in 3D? I notice there's a lag with that.

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