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Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by Luftwaffles, Nov 29, 2008.

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    So, here's the gist of things... I've got an iMac G3, 233Mhz, 128MB RAM, 6GB hard drive. It's currently taking up a monitor-sized spot on my desk and is running OS9. Now, call me nostalgic but I really can't push myself to just throw it out. I'd like to find some kind of use for it if possible.

    It was under my desk serving as an impromptu ottoman before I reinstalled OS9, and it may soon serve as a boat anchor if I don't find a good use for it. It's too rickety and unstable to give to charity, and whenever I get bored I'll find myself tearing it apart and building it back up again.

    What would you do with it?
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    You could put panther or tiger (if that is possible) on it and use it as a wireless router, an itunes library server or hook some external hard drives up to it and use it as a wireless/networked hard drive unit.

    I don't know really, amazing to think those things cost thousands new!
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    Everyone loves a good footrest.
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    This is still my favorite use-for-an-old-iMac picture, for this week at least. :)

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    let me be the first to say awwwwwww....... but seriously, the OP can always upgrade the hard drive and ram and install panther (tiger might be pushing it)
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    Seeing as bluevelvet borrowed the pic I 'bout this one. :cool:

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    Or an aquarium!

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    A small update:

    I may just have to stick with the footrest option!

    Out of pure geekish curiosity, I installed Gentoo. Well, not really "installed".. more like "am installing". I'm four hours in, the kernel has been compiling for 3 of those hours, and it's painfully hilarious to watch.

    Ever seen a Toyota Tercel pull a 60' yacht? Yeah... the Little iMac That Could is hanging in there, but I might just euthanize it before it melts!
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    Well I still have my first mac, A green iMac G3 266Mhz Tray-load. Its in the attic not being used, but I'm glad I have it. As for yours, maybe a 60GB HD and some tunes?
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    There are three things I can see you doing with that
    Turn it into an iMac aquarium
    Get it running 10.2.8 or earlier
    Give it to a kid that can stiil use it
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    If you do get rid of it, make sure it gets properly recycled! There are plenty of harmful pollutants in there.

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