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suggestions for rasterbations?

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by goodtimes5, Oct 28, 2004.

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    I have a big blank wall in my room and I want to fill it up. I think the coolest thing to do would be to rasterbate an image, but the options are endless. No restrictions given.
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    I made a thread similar to this a while ago and it got shot down. I hope this one doesn't because I want to see how they turn out.
    A rasterbation of the Beatles - Abby Road Album cover is on my wall.
    Source Pic
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    What do business offices hang on their walls? I want to motivate myself to work since I always end up sleeping on top of my homework.
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    I got some motivational posteres if you want them.
    I got them from a thread at somethingawful.com
    They're a little distasteful so they're linked.
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    lol, just a tad distasteful
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    oh god! those are funny, especially the kool-aid one because it's subtle.
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    I think talking about rasterbating is a little distasteful as well :eek:
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    Mr. Anderson

    what do you like? I've done it with some pics of friends and even my dog :D

    I think what you're asking is what 'icon' is appropriate.....

    What's your preference?

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    I'm leaning towards something simple like simple scenery or abstract like a picture of a microphone stand next to a stool. I'm not leaning towards faces since I would find it pretty weird to have a big pair of eyes right behind me.

    How fitting it would be if I did a big brother pic or something since the wall is is opposite my computer screen.
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    OK, I finally got around to putting together my rasterbation... dual 12-cylinder Maybach MD655s, Voith hydraulic transmission, stressed skin bodywork... 1350hp@1500rpm. 1961 was a good year :cool:

    Oh, the irony. I used the 'cool' smiley...

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    I like how you mounted it. I just put mine up the lazy way and taped it to my walls.
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    Yeah thats what I did too...that does look damned good
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    my last rasterbation subject was an enlargement of the movie poster for "Attack of the 50 Foot Woman."

    I needed something that would stisfy my kitsch hunger, and would simultaneously be sexy enough for my roomates to not mind it being up.
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    Lord Blackadder

    That looks cool brap. I used to be into N scale model railroads, brings back memories...

    Would anyone be so kind as to post a link to a how-to for this? I'd like to try it myself.
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    It's pretty easy. Go to http://homokaasu.org/rasterbator/ and follow the instructions they give you. Then print out the pdf file and tape them to your wall.

    edit: beaten by seconds
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    Lord Blackadder

    Sweet. Thanks all.
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    Yeah, I have loads of OO scale stuff at my father's house. I rejected it during my, uh, adolescent years, but realised I really am still interested in this stuff :eek:

    Course, nothing beats the real thing. I had a ride in the cab of the subject of my rasterbation when I was 10 or 11. 'Twas F**king hard core.
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    i have a big rasterbation of che guevara on my wall, its cool looking enough - granted it is the most over used picture ever.
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    Wow, I'd like to thank you for introducing me to this site.

    I had a day with nothing to do, so I made one, now replacing the giant, wide (wider than the rasterbated image) grand canyon poster I had up...


    Please excuse the quality, but it's the best camera device I have available at the time.
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    I like how the old city scene clashes with the futuristic looking lamp.

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