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Suggestions for setting up library for children.

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by rlu929s, Mar 29, 2012.

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    Right now I have my DVD library on iTunes and they are all classified under their appropriate category.

    My 5yr old can navigate the ATV2 better than some adults I know, so now I start thinking about locking this thing down.

    What are you suggestions for going about this.

    I thought about changing all the movie categories to Kids and Adults. Of course adult would be a mess.

    Do I need to setup parental restrictions based on movie rating and use MetaX or something to change all the movie ratings?

    I'd say from looking at who views the older movies...it's 90% my kids...watching a movie during breakfast/before bed etc.

    Usually, it's things like pixar flicks etc, but he's taken an interest in batman etc. I'm ok with some films, but others I wouldn't want him watching without me there to fast forward/skip.

    Our "adult" use is mainly renting newer movies with occasionally revisiting an older movie.
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    *...what I was going to suggest is overkill.

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