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Discussion in 'iMac' started by creativejunk, Jul 30, 2010.

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    Mates iMac was left in a room with the blinds open one day, he came home to find the screen had this white powdery mark burnt into it in the top left corner.

    Machine is about 6 months old, just wondering where he stands with getting it fixed/replaced?
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    Accidental damage is not covered by Apple Care. These terms are outlined in your Apple Care warranty.
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    It's unlikely that Apple can prove that it was caused by him. Tell him to try his luck and not to mention anything about the accident.
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    This is true but you should know better than to guide someone into intentionally defrauding a company. :rolleyes:

    Honesty: who cares?
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    Hang on a moment.

    So a iMac in a room, with the sun shining through a window is his fault and classed as accidental damage?

    Come on, be serious, how could any piece of equipment (apart from an Ice Cube or Chocolate Easter Egg!) be expected to be damaged just by sitting on the table next to a window.

    That's utterly stupid to even suggest it.
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    It was just my point of view and what I would do. Would you go there and tell them that you did it and pay +500$ for new LCD? It's a big price for honesty and no, Apple won't file for bankruptcy because of that.

    It's up to OP's friend, whether he wants to pay the price for honesty or not. I wouldn't. I don't expect it to die for such minor thing.
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    the sun must have been pretty hot for this to happen to the monitor! i guess we will not know their policy on it, i couldnt see anything directly related to this.

    worth a shot! just be honest and tell them what happened, "fraud" is some sort of intentional deception - if you say that it was indeed damaged by the sun then i dont see how you can get intro trouble for that.
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    In the UK the law states that the manufacturer has to prove that a fault is YOUR fault within the first sixth months. It may be worth looking into whether the US has a similar law.

    Its not really his fault If the sun did it. An iMac shouldn't be susceptible to simple damage like that it's ridiculous.
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    Any warnings in the warranty about not exposing it to sunlight?

    It's not fraud if he takes it in and says he doesn't know what caused it. So the blinds happened to be open at the time that he noticed the screen was damaged. He's not a computer manufacturer, who is he to say what the cause was? The burden is on Apple to prove consumer fault, especially with all the recent quality control issues.
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    I'm still stunned the sun could do some damage like that. I wonder what the physics are there.
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    sun + black screen = hot i imagine. :(
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    It is hardly his fault this happened, something like this happening in my eyes is just completely unacceptable, who would think a monitor would suffer such damage from leaving it in a room with the blinds open, think of all the computer screens throughout the world sitting in rooms exposed to natural light from a window.

    I've never heard any warnings about leaving a screen in a room where there is direct sunlight, it sounds like more some kind of bizarre manufacturing issue.
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    Corporations, companys intentionally defraud people everyday. Maybe Hellhammers parents weren't good old puritanical folk like yours. Thankyou so much for your contribution, I know I'll be sleeping better tonight knowing there are people like you willing to protect us "evil doers" from ourselves.
    Thanks again

    Who cares ? Honestly not me....
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    Not so fast...

    How can you be so sure it was the suns doing?

    This sounds like something inside the machine failed spectacularly.

    I would bring it in for service to determine the true nature of the damage.
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    Same thing just happened to me

    Came back from uni and my imac had a mark where the sun had been shining through the window onto the screen. The mark seemed to have retained slightly the colours from my screensaver. It disappeared after a few hours but I won't be taking the chance again, I'm going to move it.
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    It's not fraud. It's reasonable to expect that the thing can be exposed to sun light without dissolving.

    I think fraud must be the most overused word on the net.
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    I cant believe someone actually said something about defrauding a company just because of a screen being exposed to not like it was left out side right in the suns path with a magnifying glass directing the light to the center of the screen. I have stock in apple and wouldnt mind paying out to fix something like that seeing as though it shouldnt happen.
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    I'm pretty sure it says in one of the many pieces of papers that came with the iMac that it shouldn't be left in direct sunlight for a long period of time. At least my big TV came with that warning. Heat and display is bad combination.

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