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Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by Rolocule Games, Aug 12, 2010.

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    Our new game Super Badminton 2010 HD for iPad is now available on the app store. The iPad version has large improvements over the iPhone version based on the feedback received by users and critics. Our game has been covered by TUAW, MobileCrunch, SundayTimes UK among other media outlets.

    Here are some screenshots

    Here is the gameplay trailer:

    You can download the game here:

    Rolocule Games
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    Thanks, Just bought it. Good reviews so far. Im also an avid badminton player.
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    Oo does it come with a player editor?

    I want to create and play as my favorite players.
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    Thanks hope you like it.
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    At this point it does not do that. But, thanks for the suggestion we shall surely consider this point while planning the update or the next version.
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    Another question - is there any way to kill the bird at the net? Right now it seems like the smash function only works when the other side clears.

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