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Super Drive Upgrade

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by jchak, Jul 25, 2003.

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    I have iMac 700 Mhz Flat panel with CD-RW. I wish to upgrade the drive to DVD-R / RW How can I do that in most economic way.
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    as far as i know....your not able to upgrade the imac flat panel optical drive. I'm sure it can be done....but it would require a tedious amount of time....or so i think.

    Not to mention you would have to go against what apple recommend and void warranty to take of bottom.....best of luck
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    Very Easy! Only hard part is opening your iMac

    Hi there:

    It is actually very simple. Go to ESbuy.com or shop4tech.com and order a bare drive Pioneer DVD-R 105 or DVD-R 106. I would go with the latter if you can afford it, because it supports both DVD- and DVD+.

    I did this recently on my G4 tower and it was a cinch. Make sure, however, you do not have a copy of iDVD on your HD before installing the new drive (I know you should not, but a friend of mine with no SuperDrive downloaded a copy of IDVD 2 from Limewire just for ****s and giggles and installed it. When we installed the SuperDrive, System Profiler would not recognize it. After we erased all remnants if iDVD 2 from his system and rebooted, everything was fine.) Anyway, pick yourself a copy of iLife and install iDVD 3 AFTER you install the SuperDrive. Now you're ready to burn, baby burn!

    Now, opening your iMac and dicking with it is FAR more complex than my G4 tower. Pick yourself up a copy of the current MacWorld magazibe. They have a step by step tutotial on how to open your iMac safely and upgrade it. Or do dome on-line research. But I would recommend getting the Mac World mag; their tutorial is very complete and the photos show you exactly what to do. Hell, it might even be available on-line.

    There you go! Weird: I was a potty mouth in this post. Normally I am not friggin' like this!
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    One More Thing!

    Look for a copy of iLife on eBay. It will be much cheaper than the retail price. With the falling proces of bare DVD Writers, you may be able to pull this off for less tah 200 bucks. And, if you're afraid of touching your iMac's viscera, then forget it: sell the iMac on eBay, sell some of your peripherals you don't use as much and order an entry level G5; it has a SuperDrive in it! Yee Haw!
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    Re: Very Easy! Only hard part is opening your iMac

    i saw that. they explain it very nicely. if i had a flat panel iMac i would do just the same. i believe that almost all new macworld magazines are online, but you have to still buy it, and then you obviously can't run the comouter when it's open, dso i would suggest buying the actual magazine:p

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