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Super Glue

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by jrtaylor6, Sep 21, 2011.

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    I some how got a little bit of super glue on the bottom of my MBA. What would be the best way to get it off. Its going to bother me till I get off.

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    If it's on the aluminum use goo gone.

    Edit: or puck it off with ur finger/ razor.
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    Super Glue

    Is damn hard stuff to remove from anything. It dries a White colour, so I can see why it's bugging you, but using anything to remove it is more likely to cause more damage to your MBA.

    I hate to say it, but you may well have to live with it.
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    Yeah, its on the alumnium part on the bottom. I actually thought about trying to use a little bit of goo gone to see if it could break it up, but was not going to over do it with the goo gone.
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    When you say you have some on there, is it a blob or is it smeared?

    Post a pic!

    If its a blob, surely you can pick it off with some force. Bet if you to some hardware/DIY store or look on the internet, you could find some chemical to remove it
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    Acetone will break the SuperGlue bond, however I have no knowledge of what it may do to to the base aluminium. So use acetone sparingly and cautiously apply it sparingly with a Qtip.

    Even though SuperGlue is incredibly strong, it has one weakness: acetone...
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    How about clear nail polish remover. That has acetone in it and you can use the tiny built-in brush to apply it (sparingly). Use a plastic scrapper with a beveled edge (like a small putty knife)...once it softens gently lift it away.

    Do not use a razor blade under any circumstance. No matter how careful you are it will scratch the aluminum.
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    I think this is what Im going to try. Because its only like a 1cm diameter so its not that large. Also this seems like the safest thing to try first.

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    oily nail polish remover should be ok :)
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    test on a similar surface first

    MBA is made of anodized aluminum. Find something similar that you don't care about (your friend's MBA :D) and drop some Crazy Glue on it. Let it cure for a day, then try whatever remedy you have.

    If all else fail, try adding fresh Crazy Glue to it as Crazy Glue is its own solvent.
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    anodized aluminium is pretty though stuff, acetone won't harm it. If your really worried, get the old iPhone 1st edition out and try it... :D
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    Don't get the acetone on anything plastic or rubber, it will marr it beyond repair.

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