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Super Paper Mario difficulty

Discussion in 'Games' started by sam10685, Apr 11, 2007.

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    Put almost 8 hours in so far. Really enjoying it! Having a really hard time with chapter 2-4. Are you guys finding it hard or is it me?
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    I'm not finding it terribly hard although I think I'm on 2-3 right now. I did kind of get bored (but I was very tired last night, slept for 12 hours) during 2-3 and just shut the machine off without saving.

    White for people who don't want to know *anything* although I'm still very vague --- I found the "collection" bit in 2-2 to be horrid and really think they should have made your task use the Wii controller in some fashion instead. I also dislike the seemingly "once per world invisible thing unless you point your Wii controller at the screen" thing they have going on. Lastly there really should be some way to quickly switch between characters and Pixls. ---

    Overall the game is fun and sometimes quite interesting due to the use of 2D and 3D spaces but I really think they could have polished it more.
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    I've found a couple places difficult so far, too. I just beat 2-1 last night so I'm not very far along. I would have played more but I wanted to get my wife playing it. She didn't want to. She said, "It doesn't interest me." Then I finally talked her into playing it and she sat in there for over half an hour going "Cool!"
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    AJ Muni

    I'm in 3-2 and I havent found it to be difficult what so ever. Some parts require more thinking than others, but its not that bad once you learn to use all your "pixls" wisely...
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    According to IGNs Wii podcast the first 6 or so hours are pretty easy and then it ramps up to being really rather quite hard come the end.

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