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Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by yoe91, Feb 28, 2013.

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    Hey guys,
    just switched from Garageband to Logic. Much better...
    On my first song ever on LP9, I've come across this problem:
    my drum track (Addictive Drums, if that's relevant...) - its volume will stay at +2.6dB, even when I drag it down into say -4.0dB, it comes right back to +2.6...
    I checked, there isn't any automation...

    Also, could someone please tell me how you know a track has automation ? In GB the volume and pan knobs were passive-grey, and you couldn't modify them unless you went through automation. I've got loooads of tracks here, and I see a specific volume on the bottom left but I'd like to know if the track is automated for the volume or has one constant volume, can't remember which ones I've modified...

    THANKS !! Would help greatly, so many things to account for !...
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    if it's not using track automation (hit 'a' to check in the arrange window) - it might be using CC #1.

    in the arrange window, hit 'e' - set the buttons up top to 'filter', turn off notes, and see what CC# changes you have going on. it might be volume controller #1 or #7.

    Best luck.
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    Yup ! Seems to have done the trick...
    my, my...LP can be pretty fkn technical for really elementary things some times !...
    but it's so much better than GB though, I don't even understand the ppl who question it or pretend like there's any possible comparison...!
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    when you start using multi-intsruments, controller #'s are absolutely critical to work around logics' shortcomings with volume automation.

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