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SuperPi 2M post your mac!

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by -::ubermann::-, Oct 21, 2006.

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    im still amazed about my macbook, (increased by the fact, that i upgraded from an old p4 northwood, 256 RAM) and i downloaded superpi for mac
    you can download it form here:

    and use 21 of parameter, which means 2^21 dgits

    im calculating 2^21=2M digits of pi
    here are my results:
    no activity but super pi: 141.136 s
    superpi+opera downloading at 106kB/s+grapher+itunes+.avi playing with vlc media player: 155.510 s
    amazing, i have macbook white, 1.83GHz, 512 RAM and macOS tiger 10.4.6
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    Dead link

    Edit: i got 160.501 which comes to about 2m 7s on my PB G4. All hail the G4.

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    I got 157.089, which seems pretty good on my G4 PB.

    PS Instead of taking an entire screenshot you can use Command + Shift + 4 to just take a shot of a particular area.
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    180.570 on my PB G4 :(
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    Uh oh..
    Something is not right here.. Specs in sig.

    Getting 259.711(45.123) Sec.

    Could it be cause i'm using Fan Control?
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    HA, Here is mine, the test only ran on 1 of my cores.

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    62.238 sec using 21 parameter. mac pro 2.66ghz 2gb ram
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    Possible but try restarting and try again
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    This is why i'm getting a Mac Pro, just over 1m on 1 core
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    Rebooted and tried it again.. same results :(

    Cant find how to uninstall Fan Control
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    Total calculation(I/O) time= 121.281 (17.029) Sec.

    Got that on the MacBook Pro in my signature.

    Why does this only max out one of my cores?
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    72.420 sec using 21 param, mac mini merom core 2 duo 2.33ghz 2gb ram. So your mac pro has a 16% clockrate gain over me but only did 14% better at super pi... so perhaps the merom has some derivative technology of the xeons? hmmmm
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    umm the zeons are just re-classed core 2 duo's. They did add a few features to it. Just think about this you have 2 cores that are 12% slower than mine but i have 2 more cores at my disposal.
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    ah i thought the xeons always had unique architecture perks or special instructions or whatnot... i guess that makes sense because the meroms do 64 bit eh? wow so I basically have a xeon mini then huh? tight!

    yes you have four cores and a nice warranty :) but my computer can fit in my tiny car :) :)
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    humm 119s this time, 20seconds less that my previous post, but how is that possible, almost same as G4's??

    usaually core duo pc's, with more less same hardware running several versions or super pi do half time that me
    well, this superpi was used to benchmark powerpc macs, i found it here:
    around one year before the macbook was released, ill be looking for another superpi...
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    how do you know what core is running?
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    Yea i would expect the times to be much lower if you can find an intel version of it.

    You can tell what core its running on by opening activity monitor and looking at the cpu usage.
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    Here are my results. I was running a few other programs at the time as I didn't want to quit them all just for a little test.

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    Here's mine ...

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    70.396 seconds :)
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    super_pi for OS X is not universal

    All you wankers running super_pi on your brand new core 2 duos, stop wasting your time unless you're only interested in testing emulated PPC performance via Rosetta.

    The super_pi Mac OS X binaries available from super-computing.org are PPC only.


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    I know...still interesting nonetheless.

    You're just jealous it sounds ;)
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    The 1.25ghz PB G4 comes in at a whopping 21.673, or 177.870s...thank god my new 17" c2d is coming soon.
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    ohh baby intel core duo. Wonder wht my g4 PB is gonna be like...

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