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supersize this

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by virividox, Mar 5, 2004.

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    some people just have no lives are are just sick bastards who dont get it.....i feel bad for that girl....
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    I would imagine that the people at the pickup windows could tell a lot of tales. There are just a lot of sick people in the world. This is nothing new. I wonder why they waited till he did it a second time?
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    I used to work at McDonald's in my youth. We had some creep come through drive through and flash the manager in charge (a very nice, upstanding lady). She freaked out. The rest of the crew and I (including some teenie bopper girls of questionable chastity), told the manager she should have told him no thanks-its too small. :p Fortunately the teenie-bopper girls explained to her what we meant (did I mention that the manager was from a foriegn country? It made for an interesting conversation) :p
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    But flashing is not cool people -- why do it, to get a kick?

    Your gonna get your kicks straight into jail...

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