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SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Promises 10Gbps Data Transfers, Coming in 2014

Discussion in 'MacRumors.com News Discussion' started by MacRumors, Jan 6, 2013.

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    The trade organization behind the USB 3.0 specification has announced a new upgraded spec that promises higher data speeds over backwards compatible connections.

    The new spec enhanced SuperSpeed USB 3.0 spec should deliver a 10 Gbps data rate -- the same as current Thunderbolt connectors -- though don't expect it any time soon. The new protocol should be finalized sometime in 2013, with initial products featuring the connector appearing in late-2014 or 2015, reports CNET.
    The new devices should be backwards compatible with older USB hardware, though not at the upgraded speeds.

    Thunderbolt, which moves data at up to 10Gbps in both directions, appears mostly on Apple devices currently, but devices tend to be more expensive than their USB 3.0-compatible counterparts. However, Thunderbolt does have a strong ally in Intel, with the company pushing the standard heavily.

    Article Link: SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Promises 10Gbps Data Transfers, Coming in 2014
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    I much prefer Thunderbolt. It has much lower CPU usage, and can be used to connect displays. That's not the case for USB.
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    I still prefer USB, much more widely adapted than TB.
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    Both have different usage scenarios, so saying "I like this one better" is pointless.
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    I think it would be a replacement for USB 2.0, not TB.
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    Seriously Apple, get your act together already.
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    Is this a side-swipe of "we need our own 10Gig" standard, on PC's, becase Apple has Thunderbolt, we need something too?

    Lets not forgot, Thunderbolt is not popular, and wide-soread, while USB is, so maybje thats why?

    Whichever way you look, new hardware, new cables (probably)

    Make ya wonder now, if this is true, why Apple decided to keep Thunderbolt. They must of know its not as popular..

    I mean, it has been over 9+ months,, Maybie they think, hopefully it will be big. How much can you do with Thunderbolt, now how much can you do with USB. Plenty more, because manufactures have made it possible on all PC's too, and as adapter cards. I Like to see thunderbolt adapter cards.

    There hitting against a brick wall, i hate to say. Its either this (10 Gig USB ports maybie) or USB 3.0 (5 Gig) we have now on new Macs.

    Obviously, somone out there is saying, " 5 Gig is just not fast enough, we need to race againt Apple"
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    and how much do thunderbolt accessories cost again? :rolleyes:
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    and we need 10gb data transfer for what exactly.
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    I use Macbook Retina, but I less prefer Thunderbolt. How can you accept interface system which cost you $59 only for a cable?
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    Except that pretty much nothing supports it, and those that do cost entirely too much.
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    This new SuperSpeed USB 3 will likely win out and we'll see the slow death of Thunderbolt just like we saw the slow death of FireWire. A committed following sung the praises of FireWire to the bitter end and that will likely happen with Thunderbolt, as well.
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    Yeah I don't get it either. Thunderbolt is on it's way to failing miserably so USB 3.0 would be fine at 5 Mbps.
  14. Rocketman, Jan 6, 2013
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    Hmmm. 2015. By then TB 2.0 fiber will be entrenched. Intel and Apple are both backing it and the other "standards" will be on the "many" PC's.

    Oh wait. It's already shipping. 2013.


    Oops not 10gbps one direction. 20 Gbps two direction. Now. Services computers, devices, displays up to 7 daisy chained.
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    As I recall Intel is set to release a new Thunderbolt controller in 2014 that will boost its speeds to 20Gb/s.
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    Shouldn't this be USB 3.1?
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    usb 3++
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    Restoring an entire user from an external drive when the internal HD fails.
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    Comparing thunderbolt and USB 3.0 is like apples and oranges. They are quite different in how they work. Thunderbolt effectively extends the PCI bus over cables (and now there are Thunderbolt fiber optic cables that can go hundreds of feet), so you can put anything on the end of the cable you can plug into a PCI slot. So far products using thunderbolt are more expensive, but they are way more flexible, especially for adding complex devices to laptops or mini's. I am actually surprised no PC vendors have not added it already since it is an Intel SPEC not Apple.

    USB 3.0 on the other hand is just faster USB. Very flexible and great for high speed peripherals like external hard drives, cameras etc. The device driver model is completely different to Thunderbolt though.

    The primary reason for a faster USB 3.0 spec is really for external data storage as the latest SSD drives (especially in RAID) can swamp out even the current USB 3.0 spec. And by the time super speed USB 3.0 arrives, the drives will likely be much faster and will need 10G connections to keep up.

    At the end of the day they really serve different purposes, which is the reason the latest Mac's come with both. I doubt it will ever be one or the other.
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    Thunderbolt will at the very least remain popular in the professional world, just as FireWire did for a many years. It could even be a little more successful simply because it doubles as a video connector.
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    I never cited cost, nor did I claim them to be cheap. I cited resource use and versatility.
  22. Tech198, Jan 6, 2013
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    If they start calling it "Superspeed USB" that will confuse me like crazy.
    "Now faster"

    FYI.. You can get cheap TB cables from other sources. MonoPrice.

    But i still agree, lack of hardware support by manufactures.
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    Not this again. I don't know what you need it for, but others might need it to improve the way they do the work they do for a living.
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    Doesn't look good for Thunderbolt.

    Leave it to Apple to take a standard that is even farther ahead of USB 3 than Firewire was ahead of USB 2, and yet drive it even farther into the ditch than they ever drove FireWire.

    The licensing fees, the Apple/Intel exclusivity for the first 12 months, and so on -- every move they have made has intensified the mistakes they made, and obvioiusly did not learn from, with FireWire.
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    And those things you mentioned certainly aren't worth the extra $ one has to spend to get a decent thunderbolt accessory

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