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Suspicious Teams?

Discussion in 'Distributed Computing' started by Falleron, Nov 28, 2002.

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    Ok, I am not acusing any other teams of cheating. However, take a look at this team that is about to pass us (among others) :


    They have a peak that is over 1100 + nothing even close after that. This is just one example of a team that has just one major peak like this!

    Am I being too suspicious?
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    It looks as though they may not have been able to return results just prior to that, which is certainly possible. One server was quite overloaded at that time. It also looks as though they added quite a few extra units as well and are 50 percent above their previous norms.

    Still, it looks a bit suspicious after hearing about the SETI@home cheating but did you notice that we had a huge spike at the same time.

    I'm just glad that the server with the big point work units has been opened up to us. :)
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    I did not know that a new server had been opened up to us. Probably why I am slowly making my way through a 9 point unit!
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    Yes, it's also why just a few work units after I made it over 300 points, I'm nearing 400. :)

    I was rather upset a few weeks back. I was looking over the project summary and I noticed that there were a lot of work units which had the same 12 day deadline that my machine had calculated a few times, but these others were 7.6 or 9 points instead of the 5.6 points of those on the server assigned Mac OS X. A few days later, I saw my machine being assigned to that server and it snagged one of the big ones. (No fish story here.) :D

    This should help alleviate the x86/PPC inconsistency. We don't have big Megahertz, but we can depend on our machines not breaking on us much. :)
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    out of curiosity.....how do you know the points of a work unit that you're working on?
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    Well, either in the CLI or GUI it will tell you the protein you are working on (Eg. p184) . Once you know that then go to this link + look up what the protein is worth :

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    OH...ok, thanks man.....

    I'll be folding my way into the 20's in the next day or two.......MMMMMmmmmmm...... 9 points proteins....mmmmmm

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