Swap the logic board in a macbook pro mid 2010 for an early 2011 logic board

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by croma, Jan 12, 2013.

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    Jan 12, 2013
    I really need advice: This will not be my first upgrade, I've replaced my optical drive with a hard drive and my hard drive with a hybrid drive. I've maxed out my ram, but I'm not satisfied with the performance. I am not upgrading because it would require me to lose my 1.75 Gb of storage.

    I currently have a 13" 2.66 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo mid-2010 Macbook Pro.

    I want to replace that logic board with either a 2.3 Ghz Intel Core i5 or a 2.7 Intel Core i7 Sandy Bridge pulled from a 13" early-2011 macbook pro.

    There may be a few other parts that don't match quite up between those years (EX:iSight camera, bluetooth,airport card).Can anyone tell me specifically what I will need to buy and replace in addition to the logic board for this particular upgrade? Also, are these two models alike enough for this to actually work?

    (Please only address these two questions. My mind is made, the cost of the logic board is not important. There is a similar thread, but it is a different year and size).
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    Sell the old one and buy a newer one , the ports don't match, the older one has mini display while the newer one has TB.

    Spend money on something which is not going to work, if you want to spend the money on wasting it you might transfer it to me instead.:D
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    Please explain this.

    As a reason for not simply buying a replacement machine, it makes no sense. I'm not aware of any storage on your current model with 1.75 Gb capacity. If you're referring to RAM, then it's a lot larger than 1.75 Gb. If you're referring to a disk (HD or SSD), then it's quite likely to be movable directly to a new model. Also, a disk is not 1.75 Gb either. 1.75 TB, maybe.

    Also please explain exactly what causes you to be unsatisfied with the current machine's performance. That is, what are you doing, and what programs are you running that are non-performant?

    Is the mobility of a laptop an essential part of what you're doing? For example, if the non-performant program is a game, and you travel to networked game competitions a lot, then that game is what you're doing, and mobility is essential. There are many other scenarios where only one of those is needed: mobility or performance.

    A desktop, such as a Mac mini, can provide performance but it won't be mobile. Depending on what is being done, an iPad could provide mobility without much performance. Either of those can be bought for under $750, and might solve the problem if we knew what it was you're trying to do.

    If replacing drives and upgrading RAM is the extent of your hardware mod experience, then it's unlikely you have the skills or tools to pull off the mod you're asking about. The fact that you had to ask if it's possible suggests insufficient experience.

    You might be able to make it work as a bare logic board in a stand-alone box, but then you'd have to add an external display, keyboard, etc. which means it won't be a laptop any more. If you're going to do that, you'd be better off buying a Mac mini. Even if you already have the logic board, and you got it for free, you'd be better off selling it as a bare logic board and using the cash to pay for a Mac mini.
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    So the parts you will need (to make this work):

    Logic Board
    Top Case
    Trackpad (different connector on the 2010s)
    Battery Indicator
    Battery (2010s have a different battery connector for what I remember (at least the 15" one do)
    Airport card (different antennas needed need different wifi card)

    It will probably be cheaper to buy a new machine.
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    Jan 23, 2015
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    Put simple op to do a logic board swap you would need everything bar the following

    Dvd drive
    Bottom cover

    I would say lcd but the 2011 has an extra antenna in it.

    All in all you would be better off selling your current machine and upgrading.
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    The thread is two years old. :D
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    Lmfao who woke it up

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