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Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by Jumpie, Sep 20, 2013.

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    So, I got a 64GB Black VZW i5s this morning at the Apple store. I did not activate at the store. Came home. Turned off i5 and took out my old SIM card. Placed it in the new i5s, turned it on and voila, Invalid SIM. Been on the phone with both VZW and Apple support and no one has a clue.

    I went to VZW to get a new SIM and still the same. Called Apple and restored the phone and still the same thing. Of course they don't know because their support system is down. They said it may be a policy file on the phone. They're gonna call me back.

    Of course this would happen, right? :mad:
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    is the iphone 5S for Verizon not unlocked like it was for the Iphone 5? i wonder.
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    kinda off topic but is i5s factory unlocked on verizon?
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    Well, I already have VZW and bought the "VZW" phone (which is the same). Took out the SIM that came with it and put in my old SIM.

    Low and behold, even though now the SIM isn't recognized, I did get a carrier update; I just haven't had a chance to test it yet because it's syncing. I'm getting one step closer each time.
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    i should be, as it falls under the same FCC guidelines as the 5 did in regards to the LTE band/unlocking agreement......at least so i thought.
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    I didn't have any issues swapping my SIM this morning. I had half expected them to activate the SIM in the new phone to replace the old, but that apparently wasn't the case.

    They must have mangled up the SIM card number somewhere. You may need to call or in person give the SIM number off the card and have them try to reactivate it.

    You could also try to "Activate" the phone through the Verizon Wireless page.

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