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Discussion in 'iPhone Purchaser Meetups' started by Woien, Jun 15, 2008.

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    Post here the info about Swedish release and where to get it.

    I really think that Telia will never have this ready for release 11 july in any country. Maybe in august ?

    Anyone have more info about this ?
    Write it down.

    Ofcourse I will be a Iphone 3g owner...what should I do with my gen 1 phone ?? My 3 year old daughter will have it :)
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    I'll go to the store on Kungsgatan, Stockholm.
    I'm also having a hard time thinking that Telia will be ready on time. Also, it's quite confusing the rumor about having to activate the subscription instore. And why isn't the retailers included in the launch? According to telia.se it's only their own stores.
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    I am a little dissapointed that it was telia who got the contract, I dont know anything about their 3G network, but I know about their stiffness (?) and nearly communistic leadership. But its a state owned company..

    I really hope that they see their oppurtunity to get younger users and a cooler image back and really go for this.

    I also hope its damned expensive to have this phone, so not every kid will have one.. Let Apple be a little exclusive.

    Ill be back from holiday 22 july so i can hope to write my contract then
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    Of course they are ready to launch the iPhone the 11th July.
    I have spoken to Telia in Denmark and they couldn't give me any information, except that it is possible to buy the iPhone online (only on the Telia site) and in the stores around Scandinavia.

    I'm a little disappointed too, Telia's HSPDA coverage sucks in Denmark, it works in major cities and towns, but still..

    NetCom (TeliaSonera) said there would be an unlimited internet contract.
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    I will go to any of the many telia stores in gothenburg, possibly camp out, depending on the weather(today it hailed).

    I go almost every day and ask for more info but everybody seems to have the same info:

    July 11, iPhone 3G
    they where not even able to say if they were going to be selling accessories.

    I also called the press line and they said the same, that more info will not be released.

    some days ago telia.se opened a info signup similar to what at&t had back with the original iphone launch.
    Put your name and email and they will eventually tell you: it's here!
    surely much after any real apple fan already knows this, though
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    Yeah I'm also in Goteburg Sweden and call Telia few times.....Of course nobody knows anything...I sign up on Telia.se for some newsletter regarding pricing and other info but have't got anything just yet
    By the way I have 1 gen iPhone on Telia and cant complain.
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    Check with the phone house...

    Long before Apple or Telia admitted that they were getting the iPhone, I noticed that the phone house in Farsta (southern Stockholm) became an Apple dealer. I asked specifically about the iPhone and the only thing they would say was that 'it was coming'.

    I haven't gone back since the announcement, but their website has more information then telia's site. But still no pricing.
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    good tip but they dont really say anything, interesting though that they give their customers info about a phone properbly exlcusive to other carrier

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    I'm also planning on going down to the Telia on Kungsgatan in Stockholm. I don't know what time I'm going to be able to get there but it would be cool to meet up with anyone else planning to go as long as you don't mind my poor Swedish. I'm Canadian but can speak Swedish if necessary.
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    It would be really cool to meet! And I'm sure there's no problem with your swedish, but we can all speak english if you'd prefer.
    You said you didn't know what time you would be able to be there - is it because you're working or something?
    I'm so happy it's 5 days into my vacation, so if I'll have to camp outside the store- I can do it. If I don't have to, I'll just be at the beach for 4 days and then get my new phone :D
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    I've just got an email from Telia that iPhone will be available from 11 of july but still no word on pricing and plans...:mad:
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    Yeah I got it too. Crappiest "newsletter" ever. Anyone who signed up for the newsletter already knew what's in there...
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    You're right, it would be cool to meet up! The reason I can't get there early is that I am going to be working with one of my professors all night at Stockholm Uni designing a webpage for an English Linguistic Conference being held next June. The page has to be up on July 11th (just my luck) to announce the Call for Papers. I believe the earliest I would be able to arrive is about 8 am.

    If you are camping out then maybe you can save me a spot and I can bring coffee and kanelbullar lol. Now this all depends on the news I got two days ago from a friend who works at Telia (I can't say where since I want to protect her identity as much as I can). Here's what she told me:

    1) Telia is giving 3 day workshops for all of its employees so that they are familiar with the phone. This also likely includes how to activate it in-store.

    2) No fianal word on pricing but she said that the 8Gb would likely go for about 1600kr, she was not sure of the 16Gb iPhone cost.

    3) Telia has not decided yet what kind of plans they will make available but they talking about using the 599kr unlimited plan as the high-end plan.

    4) Telia employees will get good discounts on an iPhone if they wish to purchase one.

    5) There was talk at one point of limiting the 16Gb iPhone to companies and businesses only but not many agreed that this was the way to proceed.

    6) All Telia stores will get a limited number of iPhones with the second shipment expected to arrive 3 weeks after the initial release.

    7)Activation (whether in-store only or at home) has not yet been decided.

    Ok, well that's what I know and everyone else now knows lol.

    Hope to see you and anyone else wishing to meet up at the Telia on Kungsgatan!
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    Nice with some info, rumors or not :)
    I think 599 plan would be the highend too in sweden.
    I am ready for that, I had that before, but changed to a cheaper plan (obundet) 6 months ago to get ready for iphone.

    I am coming back from holiday 22 july, and my only worry is that the Iphones are soldout and take a long time before they have new ones..

    Is there anyone with experience with telias 3G network ? is it ok or slow ?
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    Well, 599 is a bit steep for me but I can manage it. Depending on how Telia handles sales, you might be able to book one after they start selling them in stores. In that case, you would only have to wait a week or so until the next shipment arrives (if my source is correct).

    I don't have any experience with Telia's 3G network but I hated 3's coverage. Plus 3 loves to add on extra little charges onto your bill so I'm hoping Telia will at least be better in that regard. Anyone else have any experience with Telia's 3G net?
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    Just got an email from Telia that I'm sure most of you have seen already. Telia is going to go with 3 special plans made just for the iPhone although they still fail to give any price details for the iPhone or each plan. What they do outline is what each plan entails:

    iMini - xKr per month, 100 free minutes, 100 free sms, 100mb free data. iPhone cost = xKr

    iMidi - yKr per month, 250 free minutes, 250 free sms, 250Mb free data. iPhone cost = yKr.

    iMaxi - zKr per month, 1000 free minutes, 1000 free sms, 1000Mb free data. iPhone price = zKr.

    You can only buy 1 iPhone per contract and Telia states that you can use other plans and they recommend the unlimited plan currently going for 599Kr/month.

    My impressions:

    It appears that the three plans will be less costly than the unlimited plan otherwise why mention it as an alternative.

    It also appears that the plan you choose will determine the cost of the phone which, as you all know, is something that is often done here.

    Data over and above that included with your plan will cost 20Kr per Mb which is a bit more than the typical 15Kr per Mb I have now with Tele2/Comviq. I can see many people going over the limit, especially those that have never owned an iPhone and have only purchased a Mini or Midi plan.

    Again, hope to see some of you at the Kungsgatan Telia on the 11th.
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    You've mixed things up, SMacDuff. The unlimited plan mentioned isn't the 599 a month plan you refer to, but a 199/month dataplan that is bought in addition to whatever ordinary plan you have. Click the link on Telia's page and you'll see that I'm right. :)

    Anyway, the prices for iMini, iMidi, and iMaxi are now published on Telia's website (link). These plans vary from 299 SEK/month for the cheapest to a whopping 899 SEK a month for iMaxi. The phone itself will cost between 1 SEK to 3295 SEK depending on plan (and phone).

    If you exceed your data alottment you will still be paying a maximum of 9 SEK/day, according to the site.

    Still, many questions remain unanswered.
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    Göteborg stores selling iPhone

    I've published a map of Telia stores in Göteborg that will sell iPhones on the 11th of July on my blog (omnigame.se/blog).
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    Thanks! Im still a little lost with all that plans. I dont need minutes but more data would be welcome. 100MB on a cheapest plan is a joke!!!!!
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    I have to calculate alot..now I feel 1Gb as it isw on the largest plan is to little too..but a fact is that the telia HOMERUN will be for free, and thats is a good new as Iphone is great on change from (in the old phone) edge to wireless without my notice.

    So if I am in known areas with homerun it will change to that swiftly and you will use Homerun instead for 3G.

    So then the question coming to me..as I never use my phone so much for SMS and talking..is it enough with the smallest plan ??

    Maybe..899 a month seems like the most expensive in the world, and I am sure it is too, so that will never be a blockbuster for telia.

    299:- / month might be my choice.

    Can anyone inform us here if it is possible to order on the internet before launch?
    Becouse i am in thailand and I want to give away my phone before I go home, but cant live without it more than some days....
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    When I referred to the Unlimited Plan, I was referring to the 599 talk/sms plan only and not considering data. You're right that the data plan is 199 however, i stand corrected and my initial observation is moot since we now have the true prices. I truly cannot understand what Telia was thinking with these rates. As Woien states, 100Mb is a joke for this phone as are the other plans. I would have liked to see 500/1000/Unlimited plans at those prices but I suppose they are worried about slowing down the 3G net and thought that people would want the iPhone regardless of the prices they posted.

    Many are now considering one of the other plans in conjunction with the 199 data plan. I don't know if that would work or how much Telia would then charge for the iPhone if you did not sign up for one of their three special plans. I guess we are all waiting for that info.


    You can order the internet ahead of time but only if you intend to go with a different plan other than the three iPhone plans. They will only be available (as far as we know now) when the iPhone is released on July 11th.

    I'm in the same boat as you are...I don't make that many calls or send very many sms messages but need a much higher data rate so my idea is to either 1) go with a regular plan like Telia till Vänner and then add the 199 data plan or 2) simply go with either the 299 or 589 iPhone plan and do most of my data downloading via WiFi which is what I did with my original iPhone. The problem with the first option is that Telia has not yet stated how much they will charge people for the iPhone if they choose to use a plan other than the 3 iPhone plans.
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    I asked Telia in Nordstan Goteborg and they told me that you could take unlimited data for 199 on the top of your iMini but after you use your 100MB limit on cheapest plan you can NOT be charged more than 9 SEK a day for data. If you add this up its still cheaper than 199SEK extra for unlimited
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    If you use all 100 megs on day one (which I'm shure I will while fiddling around with it) You've got a nice max-9-SEK-a-day fee to look forward to for the rest of the month. And last time i checked 9*30 = 270 and that is NOT cheaper than 199...
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    I don't doubt that there are many considering other options than the three plans. Adding the 199 unlimited to any of the three plans is, in my mind, overkill since the maxtaxan is not that much more (as Erkus points out). Used with one of Telia's GSM plans, the unlimited data plan would make sense. But, just what is the cost of the iPhone when doing that?

    One thing we all have to consider is all the "extra" costs involved with any of the three plans...is there an charge for initiating each call etc..?

    I still haven't decided how I'm going to work it although I'm leaning towards the 489kr plan over 24 months OR Telia till Vänner with the 199 data plan.
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    I'm gonna go for the iMini. My only concern is that the 100 megs of data won't be enough. If i break the limit then I'm gonna land at 299 + (days left of the month) * 9.

    They say "max 9kr/day", but since the tariff says 20kr/MB you basically just have 0.45 megs each day until you reach 9 kr and if you use the iPhone enough to break 100 MB within a month you're probably using more data than that each day. So I think that in reality, it's more "9kr/day" than "max 9kr/day" for additional data.

    The only question that remains to be answered is how fast does those 100 MB run out? If you run out of data and there is enough days left in the month to make the 9kr/day sum up to a larger amount than 199kr, then the unlimited data plan isn't such a bad idea. I'll probably wait a month or two before I decide if I'm gonna add that option. I want to se how fast those megs tick away first.

    Some calculations:

    199kr ≈ 9kr/day * 22 days
    1 month ≈ 30 days
    30 - 22 = 8
    100MB/8 = 12.5MB

    So if I have an average higher than 12.5MB/day in used data then I'll go for the unlimited data plan, If not I'll settle for just the iMidi. :D

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