Sweet sidewalk artistry

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by gauchogolfer, Mar 29, 2006.

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    These are amazing; done by a guy in Britain, Julian Beever, who makes these 3D-like images.:

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    Pretty cool stuff. Have always wondered what the drawings look like from other angles. Do the drawings have the same 3-D appearance as we see from the photos?
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    I wonder that, too. I really don't think you get the full effect from other angles.

    Heh. Reminds me of Mary Poppins and how he drew on the sidewalk... mmm.
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    Your wish is my command :cool:

    And then:
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    I've seen this in a myspace bulletin before, still very cool.
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    I've seen these before too but they are still absolutely amazing.

    I hadn't realised that he was British. I keep hoping to come across him some day - he'd make a fortune at Covent Garden if it wasn't
    a - so packed theren's no room to draw
    b - cobbled :rolleyes:

    EDIT: I've just realised where that 'Get Poverty History' one was - and the really annoying thing is that I was in Edinburgh but took the other route out of Waverley station the 2 days of G8! :(
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    how the hell can he free-hand that stuff?

    I would think he takes a photo of the site, photoshops his image and possibly uses a grid system.

    the human eye can do amazing things, but cmon, perspective in that sense is a little hard to do alone.
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    Robin looks really girlie!....Batman is a little to close to robin. Those paintings are beautiful and they could fool me.

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    Cool, confrontational and necessary.

    Whatever it takes to throw people out of the routinized ...
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    that so awesome, but i don't get how he is able to calculate the distance he'd need to make it longer to make the pavement art "3D". Does he use computers with like math calculations or what? :eek:
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    mad jew

    I love it. It's amazingly clever in that it makes you think it's quite simple yet is probably quite complex. :cool:
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    I've seen these multiple times before - but I still like them!
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    amazing and beautiful. i love it!
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    so does he draw them with chalk and pastel??? [look like it] :eek: meanign it would be wash away after the rain? pity, those are so pretty...
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    :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

    Come on bud, just because someone is unique and talented - it doesnt make him a fraud
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    Wow - these are cool!

    There are many ways to do this... but basic of them all is that you start by establishing a viewpoint. Either on the site, and use it, preferably with an assistant, to draw, check from viewpoint, draw, and so on... Or you do it at home and use it to define the distorted grid, which you then use on the site, drawing it on the pavement.

    Easiest method is probably to use a projector, but that's a little cheating. And you can only do it at night.

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    Obviously you people have never met anyone with impressive drawing skills, or know anything about perspective. Its kids in my drawing class who could do this technique very easily, and I am sure my illo teacher could it with his eyes close as he is a master at perspective.

    Try going to an art school, you will find tons of ppl who can do this. Its not that hard to comprehend....:rolleyes:

    Great looking nonetheless, but it doesnt take a computer to do this.
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    I have never seen these before. That is so cool :cool:

    I have seen 3D painting in the sistene chapel and was completely amazed.
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    I really like them, but I had not see them from the "ugly" angle before....great though :cool:
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    Woah! Does that guy have a website, the things are cool.
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    Here you go: http://users.skynet.be/J.Beever/


    EDIT: 200th post...avatar here I come :)
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    Nice Beever...

    I got this in the mail this morning. It's a whole bunch of Beever.

    The attachment need to be changed from .txt to .html

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    That's incredible.

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    I've seen these before, but they never fail to amaze me.

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