Switch from MBP to MBA?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by GTghost, Nov 29, 2010.

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    I currently have a MBP:

    15.4" screen
    320 GB HDD
    4 GB ram
    9600 + 9400 nvidia video card.
    2.53 GHz core 2 duo (dual core)

    And would like to switch either for the 11 or 13 MBA with everything upgraded in the RAM and PROCESSOR.

    I mainly use the MBP for programming java and obj-c, design with photoshop and illustrator, and just some basic web browsing(youtube, email, forum, ect).

    Which would be best for my needs?
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    My first thought would be any of the 13in models. It all really depends on how much work/type of work you do in Photoshop. If your doing basic stuff like fixing photos up and not a lot of rendering then you could get away with the 11, but any rendering or things like that would be the 13inch realm.
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    I occasionally do photoshop, not all the time. But when I am photoshopping, I do basic things like you said, mostly high res. Main use is the programming and web browsing.

    Are the keyboards on the MBA the same size as MBP?

    And which of the MBA truly have a better battery life?
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    Well, I've actually done it. I have the identical MBP and run CS5 apps quite frequently.

    I can tell you that with an "Ultimate" 13" MBA, you'll notice a considerable slowdown on PS and InDesign, in particular. I do a lot of InDesign work and the page renders are appreciably slower.

    For everything else, the MBA trucks along just fine. The only thing I miss is the IR capability; I have my MBP docked to a 24" ACD and use the remote quite often - usually for Front Row functionality.

    As long as you can get by with the reduced HD space, go for it. I'd certainly stick with the 13" - as much as I love the form factor of the 11", the processor will take too big a hit and the HDD is too small. With the 13", on the other hand, I don't imagine you'll notice any difference with any app other than PhotoShop.
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    Both the 11 and 13 have the same size keyboards. The 11 has just slightly smaller function keys then the 13. Out of both models the 13 has the longest battery life with advertised 7 hours, I get 8-9 out of mine because of the fact that flash is not installed. The 11 gets 5 hours with people saying 6-7 without flash.
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    I both the 11" and 13". I would caution you that the key travel is less than on a MBP. If that is something you are sensitive to, then it's going to bother you.

    MBP key travel is approx 2.5mm which is fairly standard for a laptop. The key travel on a MBA is somewhere between 1.7mm and 2.0mm. I'm having to guess since Apple is highly secretive unlike other manufacturers that give complete specifications for their laptops.

    Battery life is a bit better on the 11" since there is less display to draw power.

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