Switch RAM from emac to ibook?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by jmufellow, Oct 2, 2005.

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    It feel like I've started way too many threads lately, but I have a quick question that should have a simple answer.

    I bought an emac last year and am planning on selling it soon after my ibook arrives! :) But I was wondering if I could take out a stick of RAM from my emac and put it in my ibook. I ordered my emac with 1GB of RAM from apple (I was naive then) so it seems that I could take out the extra stick and use it for my ibook right? Thanks for any help :)
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    Depends on whether they use the same type of RAM. The iBooks use DDR333 SD RAM I believe. Not sure on the Emac's though.
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    Not happening. The iBook uses SO-DIMM RAM. RAM from the eMac won't fit.
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    here's what I've got. I'm a dummy when it comes to this stuff BTW.
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    Sorry, there is no way ur getting RAM out of ur eMac to fit in the iBook. Laptops use much smaller size RAM chips than destops. Hopefully these pictures can illistrate this fact....
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    ok well thanks for the help...I guess I'll sell the emac with the full gig of RAM
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    Or, take it out and sell it seperate for some extra $$. ;)
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    OK, another question, will it work for a G5 iMac? Because I may be getting one in the future.
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    yea i will work in the imac, but because the ram is 2700 and the imac comes with 3200 the 2700 ram will make the 3200 ram slow down to 2700. I would just sell the ram.
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    hmmm ok, I guess there's no other way around it....I spent waaay too much $ for that RAM, I'll just sell it for what other RAM is selling for

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