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Switcheasy cover buddy fits new iPad!

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by reebs, Mar 17, 2012.

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    Going through my old cases and found that the Switcheasy cover buddy for iPad 2 fits the new iPad! Really surprised since this is fitted case. Now using with my smart cover, it's perfect!
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    pictures always make a thread more interesting
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    I will have to try this again, I tried my Clear CoverBuddy on my new iPad last night and it would not fit unless I really forced it which I did not want to do.
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    I didn't have to force it, just press gently on corners.
  5. psychonaut, Mar 17, 2012
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    Which color do you have? I know the clear is made of a slightly different material.

    Just tried my clear CoverBuddy again and it absolutely does not fit my LTE iPad. The final corner will not snap in at all.
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    Oh it might be a different material. I have the gray and orange one and they both fit.
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    I can confirm that the clear CoverBuddy does not work on my new one either.
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    Yeah I'm thinking the colored ones have more play. It's tight but it fits!
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    Agreed. Reebs, can we get a few pictures of the gray Cover Buddy case on the new iPad?
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    My matte black cover appears to fit just fine.
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    Thanks reebs, looks great

    I'm either going folio (waiting for my Lexington) or going this route (snap on back with smart cover)

    Thanks for sharing
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    No go on my black coverbuddy.
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    Thanks, Reebs! I think I'll order one today.
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    Well for new iPad you should wait until Switcheasy updates it. I'm using it since I have it lying around anyways.
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    I ordered a dark grey cover buddy to try on my new iPad but I can't get it to fit. Hopefully I'll be able to return it.
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    My black coverbuddy does not fit on my new iPad. It almost fits. I can get 3 corners on just fine. I get so close on that 4th corner, but it just isn't going to happen.
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    This is how I did it...put the right side (volume button side) in first. Then do left side, snap bottom in and then finally the top. When doing top, push in middle, top of iPad along bezel to get case over. You have to use some force but not much. I would not recommend buying iPad 2 version, only if you have it already anyway from your iPad 2. Switcheasy will be updating for new iPad.

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