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    SwitchEasy Canvas

    Price: 49.99
    Video Review: Channel is in the signature.

    I’m bringing you guys a quick review of the Switcheasy Canvas for the Apple iPad Mini. This case is $39.99 on Switcheasy.com and comes in 5 different colors: black, grey, red, pink, and tan, which is shown here.

    (Image 1)
    The Switcheasy Canvas gives everything you need to protect your iPad Mini in the box which includes one screen protector, one cloth, one squeege, two headphone jack protectors, and two lightning dock protectors.

    (Image 2)
    At 20.5mm thick, this case adds an extra 13.3mm of thickness to your 7.2mm iPad Mini

    (Image 3)
    The inside cover of the case gives you an extremely cool looking design

    (Image 4)
    The Switcheasy canvas gives you complete access to all the ports on the iPad Mini

    (Image 5)
    The top of the case has a nice premium feel and texture to it.


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    (Image 1)
    While the case is thick, the top of the cover gives a nice piece of padding to reduce impact when dropped.

    The Smart Cover feature works perfectly.

    (Image 2,3,4)
    It’s quick and easy to set up the case in a folio position by snapping this piece off and setting down the mini

    Overall I really like this case but while thickness is an issue, and the $39.99 price is steep. You still get a nice premium leather feel, smart cover feature, and a variety of colors to choose from. That’s why I’m giving this case a ⅗ star review.

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