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Switcheasy "CoverBuddy" or Speck "Smartshell" ???

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by Kaigohaigo, Jun 29, 2011.

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    Hi Guys,

    I'm having the hardest time deciding which back case to get with my Ipad 2. I want to use it with the smart cover, but do I go with the CoverBuddy or the Smartshell? These two seem to be the best rated covers. Any help, suggestions and opinions is much appreciated. I want to buy one, but can't decide. Help... :)
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    Probably can't go wrong with either of them although seems like the CoverBuddy is more popular. I'm waiting for the clear version of the CoverBuddy to be available here in the UK.

    By the way this really should have been posted in the accessories forum section.
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    I've never tried the Speck, but I can give you my vote on the CoverBuddy!
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    Thanks for the comments thus far. Yeah their basically the same, so I'm really looking into details such as, which is less bulky, feels better on hand (color versions, not clear), more snug of a fit, and are would they fit with a back cover skin on, lets say from Best Skins Ever. Little specs like that, again thanks for the comments, anything helps..

    Cheers :)
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    Oops, sorry about posting in the wrong area, I'm a new user :D
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    No worries. It looks like the mods have moved it now anyway.
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    I was wondering, the part where the smart cover clips into the Ipad, it is left open. However, I noticed on the CoverBuddy, there's more open space than the Smartshell. Is this a big issue with scratches or dirt? The Smartshell looks a tad more snug, leaving less open space, any comments on this?

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    I've bought both the Speck Smartshell and the Switcheasy Coverbuddy.

    I'll tell you right now the Coverbuddy is 10x better.

    It fits perfectly, it feels solid works great.

    The speck, as soon as I took it out of the box I thought: Well this isn't made very nice. Bit rough around the edges, was a lot thinner and felt really cheap.

    The Smartshell was a tad lighter, but it just didn't feel right on the iPad.

    I was really looking forward to the Smartshell too with the magnet on the back but that was the only reason I really bought it, but I don't miss it.
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    Thanks for the feedback finchwizard. Your opinion was really helpful. I definitely agree that CoverBuddy seems like the better choice. I only stopped and really considered the smartshell because of the magnet, but mainly it was thinner (1.2mm opposed to 1.8mm) and still boasts some protection with less bulk. So is the smartshell significantly lighter and less bulkier? Or it's really not a big issue? I think i'll be able to decide after these questions, :)

    Thanks so much for your input,
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    Just wondering how I can explain this well enough.

    With the Speck. It's Extremely light. Very thin, and it protects the iPad, but you get a feeling that it's just not well made so it feels a little bit /meh.

    The Coverbuddy though. It's only SLIGHTLY thicker. And only SLIGHTLY heavier. And if I didn't have both side by side at the time, I probably wouldn't of noticed.

    But with that tiny tiny bit of thickness and weight, and I am talking very little here, it feels a lot stronger and it feels like it's going to protect my iPad a lot more than the Speck.
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    Hi Finchwizard, thanks once again for that great feedback, definitely helped. I just had another question, the exposed area on the left where the smart cover attaches to the ipad. I noticed the CoverBuddy has more space exposed opposed to the smartshell. Just wondering, would this be an issue with scratches, since it's more exposed? Or from your experience, it doesn't seem like it.

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    I haven't got a single scratch anywhere on the parts that are exposed.

    Then again I look after my equipment meticulously. Even my other stuff with no cases and phone screens etc are as beautiful as the day I bought them.

    I can't see it being a problem though because the case is slightly raised, it would have to be pushed into something at a strange angle or into the corner of something.
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    I ordered it! haha, excited :) thanks for the help
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    Good choice! :D

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