Switched to a Air -- Findings.

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by jinxednuance, Feb 15, 2011.

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    I just switched to the Macbook Air (former Macbook Pro user/latest model).

    I will admit it's a little weird typing on it. You have to be gentle on the keyboard (I find).

    You can tell that the computer is slightly slower than the Pro (I got the base 13 inch).

    I have yet to connect it to my 42 inch TV and see if there's any choppiness in the image quality.

    My 2 cents and thought to share.
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    *Switched to an Air.
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    Does your pro have ssd? Because everyone says the mba is faster than the standard 13" mbp.
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    I'd like to know this as well, beucase if he doesn't this would be the first time I've read anyone say the MBP felt faster then the MBA for day to day tasks.
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    My old 2.4 ghz c2d mbp had an intel ssd. My new 11" mba loads apps and boots faster than the mbp, but i notice some stuttering once apps are open. The processor performance difference is just barely noticeable in day to day tasks, but it's there.
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    After doing the updates and installing some softwares, yes the Air is slightly slower than the Pro, I find.

    You can almost feel it works on a lessor processor. You'll get used to it really fast, but since I just switched to the Air, I can tell the difference.

    The Pro I had was not SSD, it was the latest model released in April.

    I think I will return it and wait for the new Pro. I feel I have to be really delicate on this machine and I am not that person.
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    I'm not sure what you mean. If you mean physically, I have found the Rev D to be very sturdy.
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    I'm coming from a pre-unibody 15" MBP, but "delicate" is definitely not a word I would use to describe my 13" MBA.
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    What is the processor and speed of your Pro? I have only compared to my 2.0 GHz, C2D BlackBook and my 1.6GHz, C2D MBA feels faster, but that is probably not as much of a difference compared to your Pro.
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    Maybe because I am used to the Pro being bulkier. I think will time I will start using it like a pro!

    As for the one that I am comparing it with, it is http://www.apple.com/macbookpro/specs-13inch.html I had the 2.4 and 250 (basic pro 13 inch model)
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    The real challenge is to see how it would be when I connect the Air to my 42 inch TV.

    Pro worked seamlessly. I've been told by the Apple guy that it may be choppy (on a standard 13' Air)
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    Let us know how it goes hooked to your TV ...
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    The MBA does take some getting used to... especially the lack of numbness and/or burning sensations :D
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    I have the 1.4 4GB model and hooked it up to my Samsung 46" 3D LED no bother with the mini display port - hdmi

    Didn't seem to cause any issue or degradation in performance.
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    Whoa. I think I missed something. How are people saying the MBA is faster than their MBP? Did I misread that?

    I am using a late-2006 MacBook (2.0 ghz Core 2 Duo) and I've been interested in the MBA but dismayed that the processor is slower... am I mislead?

    I would assume processor-intensive tasks like Handbrake conversions would run more slowly than what I have now, right?
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    The benchmarks for my (now sold) 2008 15" MBP are almost identical to my 13" MBA ultimate.
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    I use to use both Macs in my signature on a day to day basis and I can tell that I'd swap my MBP for the Air any day of the week.

    No way the MBA feels slower...

    I could understand if the OP MBP were an SSD-based system.
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    My 13" MBA is faster than my 15" MBP. And fwiw, I don't find a need to be gentle with the keyboard.
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    Agree; I have a MBP (from early 2008 - HD) and a Rev C (SSD) MBA which I got last September. I long hesitated over buying the MBA, but, having got one, I must say that I love the MBA - and find it faster and sharper. Likewise, I don't feel that I have to be gentle with the keyboard.

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    I find the air to be a lot faster then the macbook pro in my sig for day to day tasks. Now if I'm doing something CPU or GPU intensive the MBP will obviously be faster but otherwise the MBA is faster.

    Oh and +1 for not needing to be gentle with the keyboard. These things can take a surprising beating.
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    The processor is only part of the equation and doesn't really mean much for most peoples uses. The solid state drive + ram is what give the MBA the large speed boost.

    For something like Handbrake yes, it will run faster on a current macbook pro then an air but for a lot of peoples uses the air will be much faster.
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    I am currently running a 1080p youtube video on my 42 inch and to be honest I wasn't expecting this quality.

    No choppiness whatsoever, the video is playing very smoothly. Admittedly, you can tell that the graphics are not too perfect. Even though you can't see any choppinesss, but small pixilation ccan be found on the edges and if you focus. But other than that, I am enjoying it!
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    i had an i5 2010 mbp, with ssd.

    my 13" air feels exactly the same.

    I don't do anything processor heavy thou
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    You are delusional.

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    You must be losing "it". I also have had both and this is not the case at all

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