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Discussion in 'Site and Forum Feedback' started by quidire, Aug 25, 2004.

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    Would it be possible for a forum for people who have switched, are in the process of doing so, or are thinking about doing so to post their thoughts and questions?

    I'm under the impression there once was such a forum. FWIW I strongly urge its return!

    EDIT: To clarify, a forum under Mac Buyer's Guide, Mac Discussion or even Mac Interests. A sub-forum under Archives of Old Posts does render it a bit useless.
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    Its not that help hasn't been forthcoming; rather it would be nice to have a single place to go for such information, a place where testimonials and such would be germane to the topic at hand. If there were a forum about switching, I'd post not only quesitons, but perhaps statements regarding how I've made what choices I have, what difficulties I've had, what has made the process easier, etc. The types of questions existing Mac users ask is qualitatively different from that switchers do. To the extend then that we have Buying Tips and Product Recommendations (which are similar, but the nature of the posts will be different), it would be nice to have (again) a Switchers' (or Switching) Forum.

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    The only problem with such forums is you always wind up with a few Redmondian undercover agents posting trash and lies about a product they've probably never even tried. It happened more than I can remember when OS/2 Warp came out (9 months before Win95 was ready to ship and all MS had in their posession was lies and slander which IBM certainly did nothing to refute).

    However, as a recent PC-to-Mac convert myself, such a forum would be appealing to get support as I stumble through the change of mindset from "the PC way" to "the Mac way" of doing things.
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    The first try didn't go over so well, it started off good, mostly due to all the hype from all the switch ads, once they dies down and became passe, the forum here dedicated to that became that as well so it eventually lost intrest. The buying advice forum have laregely taken the place of the now defunct switch forums, while testimorials aren't the main focus of it, they can be found. The product recomendation forums are also a good place to post a testimonial. Overall there just wasn't enough demand for a forum dedicated so I don't expect one to appear antime soon.
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    Rather than consider the topic to be "switchers", which to me is too much tied to the switcher ad campaign, I suggest that the title of such a forum be "New to Macintosh". That covers new computer users and users switching from Wintel to Mac.

    It could be a new forum under Mac Discussion or a subforum under General Apple and Tech Discussion.
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    I really like this idea of a "New to Macintosh" forum.

    I think it might also be good to have a sticky thread with a few basic Windows --> Mac translations ... ie, "Control Panel = System Preferences," etc. Such an idea might seem a little silly, but when I moved to the Mac I found the Finder intimidating ("it's a whole Windows Explorer!")

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    I would prefer it be located under Mac Buyers' Guide, as it truly is for people buying Mac for the first time. "New to Macintosh" sounds good, although were we to want something more quirky, "For PC Refugees" or somesuch could also work.

    Really now we need to get the forum-owner's attention, any ideas?

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