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Switching to Apple soon, few questions...

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by Elaralas, Aug 18, 2008.

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    I will be buying a Macbook soon around the 5th of Sept, and like any newb, i have a few questions. The last time i even used a mac was my old Powerbook 1400, so i am pretty sure things have changed since than. Right now i am using a HP desktop with XP, not so bad, but i want to be the good side of the force once again. So i have almost saved enough extra money back for a white/or blackbook. My questions are, is there any cheap alterative to upgrading the RAM myself. Dont get me wrong, 2GB of RAM is nice, but I would feel better if i went ahead and had 4GB. I just want something cheaper than Apples $200 upgrade fee, but also want something that wont mess with my macbook.

    Also, do you guys got any tips for a newb to the macbook
  2. TEG
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    Buy the memory at any Apple Authorized Service/Repair Center, or buy it elsewhere and just have them install. Then again, Memory is meant to be upgraded by the user, otherwise they would have sealed the memory compartment or put "torx" head screws over the area.

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    Let me rephrase it, i am getting the macbook soon and was curious to know where i could buy more ram cheaper than apple sells it, but also as good. i can install it myself.
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    RAM from Crucial, Kingston, CanadaRAM, or OWC is all perfectly fine, and they all have online configurators to ensure you get the right sticks. "Apple" RAM isn't anything special, in point of fact, it's not even branded by Apple. It's just a cheap profit enhancer. Get it elsewhere, you'll be fine. I got mine from Fry's in Arizona, zero problems.
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    the mac pro's ram is pretty special...
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    Actually, No. :eek:

    FB-DIMM ECC 800MHz, is available at a number of e-tailers. As JohnNotBeatle pointed out, several have configuration tools to help insure the correct part(s) are ordered.
    Quite convenient. :)
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    well maybe this has changed, but when the new ones came out i had a really hard time finding 3rd party vendors selling compatible ram.
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    At that time, yes. Now, you can find it 3rd party. :)
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    I'd say go through OWC (macsales.com) or Crucial (crucial.com). NewEgg has some good deals as well.
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    You could try OWC, OCZ, Kingston, Crucial, and CanadaRAM are all good brands. For me, I just upgraded my 1GB ram to 4GB. But let me say this, unless you plan on using virtualization products or pro software, you wont ever need 4GB. However, 1GB was just not enough for me, but 2GB is plenty. Macsales.com and newegg.com are also good online retailers for ram amongst other things. You could also try Hynix, Micron, or Samsung ram, as these three are factory originals. Mine was 2 X 512Mb Hynix sticks.

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