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Sync completed...ATV doesn't save synced items

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by STxMacUser, Jun 4, 2008.

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    I received my Apple TV this afternoon and have been trying to figure out how to successfully sync to the ATV from iTunes. It goes thru the sync and completes, but if I exit out it warns me that everything will be lost. (I have done that twice and am re-syncing as I type. I thought that once you snyced your iTunes songs, videos and pictures from folders that they were stored on the ATV. What am I doing wrong???
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    When iTunes is open on your computer an Apple TV that had been synced to it checks for the files that are stored in your iTunes Music, Movie, and other libraries. The Apple TV will automatically delete from its own hard drive any files it cannot find in an iTunes library. Could the source of your problem be that you have been deleting files from your iTunes libraries?
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    Just to amplify what gwsat wrote, syncing is an active process -- it isn't a simple copy. If you move/delete something from your computer that has been synced, it will be reflected on the AppleTV.
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    I guess that I didn't wait long enough or something. After the third completed Sync the Apple TV retained my music and photos. Works like a charm now!

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