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Syracuse, NY

Discussion in 'iPad Launch Meetups' started by Auzburner, Mar 20, 2010.

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    Hey, looking to be first in line. Anyone else plan on being there on the third? See you there.
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    Why do you need to be in line? You've reserved one, so you'll get one.

    If you didn't reserve one, waiting in line isn't going to do much.
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    First In, First Out... I'll be an hour away, in Rochester (Victor), NY.

    Yes I've reserved one, but the sooner I'm there, the sooner I can get to working on it, testing my apps, and also the store is going to have training classes, etc., that day.
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    I'm still on the fence, can't decide if I want one or not. I may still swing by just to see it and maybe that will sway me one way or another.
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    Oh, you'll be getting one. Your signature tells me that! (20" iMac 2.4/MB 2.0/TV 160GB/Black 16GB iPhone 3G S⃣ /White 16GB iPhone 3G/iPhone 8GB)

    BTW, if you pre-order one, now, the new delivery date is April 12th, so unless the Apple stores have more than they reserved, you might be out of luck. They are supposed to "hold" all pre-orders til 3pm.

    Best Buy is going to carry them in their stores that carry Apple products, but they will not be opening earlier than normal on April 3rd.
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    ill be at carousel mall on the 3rd in syracuse. idk what time i wanna get there yet, but ill be there before it opens haha
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    If I end up getting one, I'll most likely get a 3G enabled device, so I'll have to wait later anyhow. I just want to physically play with it before I make a decision.
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    I plan on being at Carousel all night. I suppose I will call up to the security office and see where they like us wait, etc... I will have two other iPad buyers with me, but didn't jump the gun and wasn't able to reserve. Therefore, we need him first in line because he was told in an Apple store chat that they prevented every model from being completely reserved. We will see how this works out... I know I will have two iPad's with me and another friend. And of course I could have pre-ordered, but that knocked down a level of excitement for me when I had the 3GS delivered, so I reserved and will see everyone in the morning!

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