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T-Mobile Sidekick Data Plans Now Off-Limits for iPhone Users

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Aug 12, 2009.

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    TUAW reports that T-Mobile has officially stopped allowing unlocked iPhone users on their network to use a prepaid Sidekick data plan. Responses to questions from T-Mobile USA's Twitter account state, "You will no longer be able to use an IPhone [sic] with the Sidekick data plan" and "The Sidekick Data plan is meant for a Sidekick device. You may want to look into changing your data plan if ur [sic] using an iPhone."


    Some MacRumors forum members on the prepaid Sidekick plan have reported that they have not been able to access T-Mobile's EDGE data network in the past few days.

    As the only other major GSM service provider in the U.S., iPhone users not wishing to move to or stay with AT&T turn to T-Mobile for service, despite its small yet still-expanding 3G network that transmits on a frequency incompatible with the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS. Up until now, the prepaid Sidekick data plan offered unlocked iPhone users unlimited internet/data and text messaging within the U.S. for $1 per day on top of any per-minute charges for calls. As a prepaid plan with no long-term contract attached, unlocked iPhone users had flexibility combined with reasonable plan costs.

    Article Link: T-Mobile Sidekick Data Plans Now Off-Limits for iPhone Users
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    Im happy to be on AT&T for once :D:D:D

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    I think it's funny that 1$/day is reasonable for unlimited data but people have a hissy fit when they only get 6gigs for 30$ a month in Canada... seriously... I have never ever seen anyone in any of the stores i have worked for even come close to that 6GB of data on their plans... most stay under 1GB
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    It's all about marketing and impressions. What Rogers should do is call it an "unlimited" plan and put a statement in fine print similar to AT&T's that says that it has the right to cancel the contract if customers use excessive bandwidth.

    As a friend of mine says, "words matter".
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    LAWL @ unlocked iPhone users who got caught up in this. :p:D:p
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    This is kind of funny

    Back in January I called T-Mobile to find out the exact date my contract was up. The girl on the phone asked if I wanted a new phone. I told her no I was waiting to get the next iPhone(3GS). She SUGGESTED to me that iPhones can be MADE to work on T-Mobiles network... Honestly I was shocked a T-Mobile person would recommend a customer to do so.
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    I am not shocked by it at all, T-Mobile is far more consumer friendly, they will unlock your phone (if you are out of contract or have had service for at least 60 days and are travelling internationally) for you. I wouldn't even be surprised if someone at one of their stores helped you unlock a iPhone or any other phone for that matter (unofficially of course).

    So, even if you are leaving them, they still help you by unlocking your phone, assuming you have fulfilled the contract.
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    This could mean several things:

    1) T-mobile's sales of it's own cell phones is increasing quickly (Sidekick) and they need the bandwidth for their own customers.

    2) T-mobile is in talks with Apple to bring the iPhone to T-mobile when the AT&T contract expires.

    3) None of the above; and T-mobile is only hurting themselves and creating bad public relations. The general public knows that iPhones can run on T-mobile, and this has been VERY good publicity for T-mobile over the past year.
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    Don't they know you can get 3G @ ATT for a $1 day...
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    Because my coverage at my house had gone from 3 bars two years ago to now 1 bar or Searching..., I had an AT$T rep tell me I might be better off going to T-Mobile with my iPhone. Now that's shocking!
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    Not a big deal, they are just making you take the unlimited data and SMS for $34.99. Same thing happened to me using an unlocked Nokia, they just give you the correct data plan that matches their smartphone offerings.

    T-Mobile is good about unlocking your device, even under contract. Just tell them you need it for dev work or traveling abroad. 48 hours turnaround.
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    I thought you had to buy a second hand unlocked iPhone on eBay

    I contacted Apple and they told me that they did not offer unlocked iPhones and that it wasn't a good idea to unlock an iPhone as it would void the warranty and if I needed further assistance I should contact AT&T. I always thought Apple sold unlocked iPhones for like $600
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    Unlocked and no contract are two different things.
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    I don't know what's funny - it sucks.
    The thing is, we're not stealing bandwidth or anything - we ARE T-mobile's customers. We pay for it. I can sort of understand if they simply haven't accounted for the influx of users, so need to scale back.
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    Hm, that's interesting. I was playing with the idea of swapping my mom my iPod touch for her iPhone (EDGE model) when she upgraded to a 3GS and just using the iPhone as an iPod with a prepaid/by the day data option. Is there still a way to get a deal similar to this (pay about a buck a day for data with the iPhone and not pay for voice minutes or a plan or anything)?
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    I've been wondering the same thing. When my iPhone contract expires, can I use it as a prepaid phone or a GoPhone or at least something that doesn't cost $85 per month?
    I think AT&T is losing a lot of customers because they don't offer a lower price option on iPhone service. I know a lot of people that would pay the $30 data fee and then have the minutes as a prepaid setup. But since AT&T does not offer this, my friends don't have iPhones and don't do business with AT&T.
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    Apple does sell unlocked iPhones -- just not in the USA. They sell them in Hong Kong, as well as countries where they are required to do so by law, like Belgium, Italy, etc.

    And of course you can always unlock an (original or 3G) iPhone yourself, but you also end up with a jailbroken phone, which is either good or bad depending on your point of view.
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    I used to pay for a Blackberry Data plan, then it became SideKick. Now I pay $34.99 a month for an Unlimited Data and SMS plan. I am sure this is what T-Mo would setup anyone using a smartphone needing data, including former ATT peeps with an iPhone.

    I also wonder if T-Mo will run a campaign for the former ATT iPhone slaves.
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    Numerous carriers sell unlocked iphones --- but they aren't required to do so by law.
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    What kind of phone are you using that still works with this sidekick text/data plan? A blackberry?
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    this whole situation is just frustrating for us iPhone T-Mo users. I now only pay $1 for txt and email (strangely that works but, not internet?). absurd. i used to <3 T-Mo but, now they stab me in the back with this? Who can I turn to now? a ridiculous $35 a month ADDON? ohh 'cmon. :|
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    It is peculiar that the email still works.. :confused:
    Guess we should be grateful.
    I'd sooner buy Verizon's MiFi and actually get some decent speed and coverage than add $30 to my plan.
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    I think I'm misunderstanding you.

    You're fine when you "only pay" $1/day, but when you're told you'll have to pay $1.16/day, you feel like you're getting stabbed in the back?
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    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think there is an option to add a $30 data plan to a prepaid account with TMobile. I assumed what he meant was that the difference in price between $1/per day and the least expensive phone/text/data plan is about $30-$35.
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    Thanks, ... I thought I wasn't understanding that correctly. :)

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