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Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by JzzTrump22, Feb 14, 2005.

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    Are there any programs or websites that you can watch any television on? I know there are a few news websites. But is there any way to watch tv over the internet?
  2. jsw
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    Not exactly what you're looking for, but you could hook a VCR up via an analog->DV converter, then use that as iChat's video source, then watch from elsewhere.

    But, otherwise, I don't personally know of a way to watch TV over the internet - no sites that show your choice of channels.
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    Real Player offers a service like this but it is a fee service.
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    Take a look at this. I have the 7" LocationFree TV and it's SWEET. I not only use it to watch cable TV when I'm away from home, but I can also play any of the DVDs in my 400-disc changer.
  5. jsw
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    That is sweet! I'd never heard of it before! How's the video quality over a broadband connection?
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    Also, ReplayTV and maybe TiVo allow you too watch TV streaming over the web on a computer. I don't do it very much, but once in a while I do. Depending on the video quality level you choose, the stream can be very good. The lowest quality on Replay is better than VCR, but is a little blocky looking, fullscreen on a computer screen. But it is minimally distinguishable from analog cable. And it streams over Airport Extreme with no skipping on an iBook G4/800. Although it does steal a lot of processor cycles, and it is making typing show up really slowly on Firefox. :( And this is while the Replay is recording something else. :D No live TV though -- you cannot stream unrecorded live content from the ReplayTV....
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    It's OK... depends on several factors, including Internet speed where you are, Internet speed at your home, and whether there's a clear path between the two. It ain't HDTV, but it is good enough. (The sound quality is always VERY clear, even at the expense of the picture.) And the device also acts as a mini-Web browser with e-mail capability.
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    Have you considered a DVR PCI card?

    Miglia's Alchemy DVR is a great solution to watch and record tv... I have recorded the past several episodes of 24 on it and then edited out the commercials, then burn to dvd...

    Quicktime is great!

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