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Take a look at these sites NOW!!

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by Falleron, Jun 4, 2002.

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    Take a look at these sites (especially if you use windows 98).
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    Bloody a**hole!!! That was annoying. ;)

    Sorry, slightly strong reaction there from me, but i had to force quit IE because of those links! :)
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    Sorry! However, if you use windows 98 it will crash the system apparently (the one which opens the windows)!! Well, its one way to annoy pc users!
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    Mr. Anderson

    So what's the point? I had to force quit as well, not very happy with that.
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    You are pissing off moderators and demi-gods... not a bright move there sparky... Those links are WORSE then spam. Not only did I have to force quit IE, but it also locked my system up... I had other IE windows open with rather important information (work related) and I lost the stuff...

    WHY would you put such a thing up on a MAC site??? :rolleyes:
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    I am really sorry. I though that if people were browsing the net they would not have any work they could loose. How can I get the thread deleted. Arn, help needed.
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    Mr. Anderson

    I'll take care of it. I'll edit the original post and remove the links and close the thread....

    Next time think things through and realize that most people are trusting and will click what ever link you give them......
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