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Take my Apple quiz

Discussion in 'Apple, Industry and Internet Discussion' started by andrewag, Jul 27, 2006.

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    I posted in April a mini site I created with bits of information about Apple. Well I've added a bit of fun to the site with a quiz.

    So what do you guys score?

    The url is http://www.dotmac.net.au/tidbits/quiz.php

    *fixed the URL - sorry!!*
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    I get a "not found" error message.

    Edit: But I can get to it if I use the link in your signature.
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    Sorry mate, "Not Found" and there was a 404 error.
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    I did terribly, with only a score of 21. So I'm still a n00b. :eek:
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    I only got 9 wrong out of 25, so I got a:

    Interesting quiz.
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    Got a 38. Got 4 of the 3-point questions wrong.

    Pretty good test actually, some very interesting questions.
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    29 - I missed most of the questions in Section 3
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    I got 39!

    Question 1: Correct
    Question 2: Correct
    Question 3: Correct
    Question 4: Correct
    Question 5: Correct
    Question 6: Correct
    Question 7: Correct
    Question 8: Correct
    Question 9: Correct
    Question 10: Wrong
    Question 11: Correct
    Question 12: Correct
    Question 13: Correct
    Question 14: Correct
    Question 15: Correct
    Question 16: Correct
    Question 17: Correct
    Question 18: Correct
    Question 19: Correct
    Question 20: Wrong
    Question 21: Wrong
    Question 22: Correct
    Question 23: Correct
    Question 24: Wrong
    Question 25: Correct

    I'm happy with that.
  10. Lau

    I got 25.

    It would be good to see what we had wrong next to the original questions, rather than "Question 5 – wrong", etc. Means n00bs like be could learn from our mistakes. :D
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    28 - and yes it was right, I didn't own a pre-powerpc mac!
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    36. (Edit: But I do own a pre-PPC Mac... ;))

    BTW: Sage is my RSS reader, not an iMac colour... :p
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    I did okay -- missed a couple here and there.

    However, one that I missed is incorrect on the quiz.

    Question number 22 which states: What computer was the 20 th anniversary Mac based around:
    a. PowerMac G3
    b. PowerBook 3400
    c. PowerBook 165
    d. PowerMac 5500

    The correct answer is PowerMac 6500 and not the PowerBook 3400.

    The TAM (which I have -- cool computer) is based on the motherboard from the Power Macintosh 6500 with a 250 MHz 603e processor.

    Yes, it did have the same 12" active matrix LCD, ATI 3D Rage II video chipset, and trackpad from the PowerBook 3400. However, the MB is the key.


    Anyhow, not a bad quiz.
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    You could always have used the "back" button to look at the quiz.
  15. Lau

    I know, but I'm so dreadfully lazy. :p And it's sometimes nice just to glance over your answers, rather than referencing back and forward. I wouldn't say it was necessary, just would be a nice thing. It's a good quiz, even though I am a n00b. :eek:
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    Terrible, I'm new to Macs, I got a 15:confused:
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    29. I'm happy with that.
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    I got a 38. I first started using a Mac in 1987 at age three (Mac II with System 6, still have it).
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    26 and I got my first mac last May...is that sad or not...
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    I got a 33. I just got my first mac a few months ago. Mostly lucky guessing and a little too much time spent on these forums.
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    34. There are some hard questions in there. I'm not familiar with much of Apple's history and CEO's, but my family has had Macs around the house since the Lisa (which we still have). At one point we had 13 various Macs laying around. A small local law firm was selling their whole network of Macs and switching to windoze, so we bought almost their whole network. They had a luggable portable there that we passed on, but we sure ended up with a lot of stuff!
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    I got a 42...

    (Douglas Adams would be proud!)
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    Since it wasn't really called "Mac OS" until 7.6, how are we supposed to correctly answer that question? Before that it was known as "System" and even before that it was unnamed.
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    I was thinking that same thing when I got to that question (because as you point out, the Mac OS began with 7.6), but I think it's clear what the author is referring to, so stressing the semantics is probably going overboard.

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