Taking back the bumper I wish I did not have to :(

Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by lilchub101, Jun 25, 2010.

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    So my brother and I both bought bumpers with our iphones yesterday. I love the case it fits well and seems it would provide protection to the aluminum band but it just wont help during a hard drop. I knew this was not a very protective case when I bought it but I was hoping it would have more rubber/plastic hang over the screen so if the phone was dropped the rubber around the screen would stop my phone from butting screen with pavement/cement/whatever. I am going to take it back and eat what ever restocking fee they will ask for but I wanted to know what cases I should get at the apple/att/radioshack/Bestbuy stors? I am looking for a clamshell style case that is rugged. I have read that the ifrogz and the griffin reveal both have problems when taking pictures with flash so any suggestions would help thanks.
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    i'll take it! heh. i would like a bumper but they have sold out at the 3 apple stores around me. i saw one on the table and i'm like "wait there's one!" and the kid said it was a return. i told him I'd pay for it but they wouldn't let me buy it because it was a return. bah!
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    Do you want it?

    I'll mail it out today if you would rather have it pm me an offer

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