Taking on the iPod (iRiver iHP-120)

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Feb 5, 2004.

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    Seems to be a lot of iPod knockers out there.

    Gee I wonder who has sold the most MP3 players on the planet to date?
    Whose MP3 player is the easiest to operate?
    Whose MP3 players are the best value for gigabytes of storage available?
    Whose MP3 player carries the best overall design?

    mmmmmm.....definitely not the competition.
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    $700 for 20 GB

    Wow. At least it has an FM tuner for the extra $300. Add the extra $50 and get the voice recorder. We're up to $350 for an equivelent iPod. That's a pretty expensive FM tuner they've got there. BTW, I got my iPod so I don't have to listen the the crappy radio.
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    Re: $700 for 20 GB

    hey newbie, please note that the $699 is in Australian dollars. according to current exchange rates, that is equivalent to about USD$534.90. yes, that's still expensvie, but certainly not $300 more than the ipod
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    Feeling sheepish

    Ooops. Is my American showing through? :rolleyes: Thanks for the correction.
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    That iPod wannabe is FUGLY. Just like virtually every other box put out by PC manufacturers. I had hoped that the iPod would have ushered in a new era of design excellence. Instead, here's an iPod that looks like it's been injected with Borg nanoprobes!
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    they are still missing it

    most companies are cramming as much as they can into their players. This causes clunky menus and overly complicated controls. I LOVE Apple's Dock idea, as you can just use it as a music player, or you can buy attachments as you want them. While I wouldn't mind seeing at LEAST a radio tuner in the iPod, I can do without one. I just hope all these companies continue to clutter up their interfaces and controls...this will keep the iPod on top.
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    Re: Re: $700 for 20 GB

    it may be usd$534.90, but that makes the ipod look like a bargain. personally couldn't care less about the fm tuner. the only thing that would take the ipod to the next level is hi-fi recording.
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    FUGLY and overpriced

    ok, its a 20gb drive. so for US$448.95, I can get a 20gb iPod, with doc, carrying case, and a Belkin iPod Voice Recorder. Saving me ~$85 dollars, but no FM.
    On the other hand, if I buy the 40gb iPod, and Belkin iPod Voice Recorder, I spend like 20 dollars more and get DOUBLE the storage and a much smoother interface.

    The article also says its a "plus" becuase that brick supports Mac and Windows.
    Apparantly its news to Mr. Best that iTunes and iPod support both.

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    Re: FUGLY and overpriced

    I have just sent Mr Best an email imforming him of his misleading statement.
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    It claims to have a 16 hour playback time, but i seriously doubt that since it is about the same size as the ipod and has more things crammed in it.
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    i forgot to mention it before, but that thing is uuuuuuuuuuuggggly! it looks my walkman i had in 1989, minus the joystick that is.

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