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Talking iPod Shuffle has its downside

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Mar 13, 2009.

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    Greg McBride


    The article says it costs $155. Huh? I thought they were $79.
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    Australia, mate.
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    New Zealand.
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    Don't panic

    it makes a good point about the earphones-integrated controls
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    Greg McBride

    Ahhhhhhh. I didn't catch that. Cheers!
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    Useless article

    This article has little merit. The author hasn't even touched one. He merely complains about a component of a previous product. I do agree that the design of the integrated headphone controls limits headphone choices. However, making the assumption that the sound quality will be poor has no constructive value.
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    I couldn't agree more. Beyond the poor logic, his poor grammar and writing style shaves away even more credibility. My editorial mind was throbbing while trying to read this article.
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    However they are still the same shape as the old ones, and what if the old ones hurt your hears? Regardless of sound quality that renders the shuffle useless ATM for some. Why not just have a cord with controls on it that goes from a regular set of headphones to the shuffle?
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    I already own the $79 Apple in-ear headphones with the soft silicone pads and the on-cord remote, so when my new Shuffle arrives, I won't even be unwrapping the headphones that come with it. They'll stay in the box.

    The unpadded headphones that Apple ships with iPhones and iPods are uncomfortable as hell and I never wear them. I refer to them as the "Cardinal Ximenez" headphones because wearing them is a form of torture that no one should have to endure. I'd love it if Apple started offering iPhones and iPods with the more expensive headphones (at additional cost, of course).
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    Agreed. They hurt the hell out of my ears... the redesign a couple of years seemed to make it worse.

    I have the old in-ear headphones... They aren't great, but they are comfortable for me. The lack of inline controls makes the new shuffle a no-go for me, but I really don't need one anyway.
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    Don't think you get it. This is not the same remote. This is brand new. You must use it for your shuffle to function at all I'm guessing.

    Look for a new product from Belkin or Apple... the shuffle 3rd party adapter - so you can plug in 3rd party headphones.

    I think Apple has lost it on this one. The hell with the size, they should've put secondary buttons on the shuffle.
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    No, I get it. The $79 Apple in-ear headphones that came out in late 2008 should work with the new Shuffle. In pictures, they appear to be the same with respect to how the on-cord remote works.
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    Hopefully, Apple or a third-party will release a control-dongle that can be used in-line a generic stereo line-cord. It's not just to support third-party headphones, but also to allow connectivity to things like car stereos and other kinds of external amplifiers.

    My gut feeling is that this shuffle is a design decision that Apple will reverse in the future, much like how they got rid of the all-touch controls of the 3G iPod.

    But I'm not going to get bent out of shape either way. I'm very happy with my nano, and will probably replace it with another nano when it comes time to do so. I really like having a screen and a dock connector (to charge from my iHome clock-radio.)
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    no, the $79 apple headphones are also compatible, you can check apple's site yourself if you want.
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    My left ear won't take an ear bud, and trying to wear an "in-ear" unit is something I find uncomfortable for both ears. In my case, it leads to lots of ear wax build-up in both ears, resulting in a significant increase in ear-specific personal hygiene.

    Of course, I already have a 1st gen 1GB Shuffle, so I hardly need the new one.
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    if it is 155 nz that wouldn't be much more than the us price... according to my dashboard widget 155 nz = 81.359 usd
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    Correct. The price will have GST as well which is 12.5%
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    Does this mean that the shuffle now can't be used with the AUX hook up in my car like i do with the prev. gen? That's kind of lousy considering the shuffle is perfect for operating while driving. No screen means eyes on the road.
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    Based on reviews I've read elsewhere, you can use it with an AUX hookup, but you won't have any control. It will begin playing (linear or shuffled) when you turn it on and will continue until you turn it off. Track selection and volume control will be impossible without the Apple headphones (at least until somebody starts selling an adapter.)
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    ahh yeah forgot about the sales tax
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    All Apple headphones to date have had poor sound. Maybe Apple has changed, and these will be different. However I'd not bet money on that. I'm betting on poor sound with no possibility to upgrade.

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