TAM 20th Ann Mac and OS X???

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by Cecret, Mar 16, 2003.

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    With a g3 upgrade could you get a TAM to run osx?
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    Well, this is the million dollar question.......

    Officially, Apple's OS X doesn't support processor upgrade cards...

    Unofficially, some of them will support OSX and others won't. No matter what, though, you are probably going to be limited by RAM (I think 128MB max on TAM), and OS X will run snail speed on EDO RAM and having to use the HD on a 50Mhz bus. I personally wouldn't recomend it. I say just save up and get an iMac. I own a PowerMac6500 which is really close to your TAM, and I have researched the subject a lot and must say that it is best to just save the money for a new computer. OSX will run like a snail and just isn't worth it, but technically, yes, it will work on some G3 upgrade cards.
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    I live in Japan and finding RAM for one is like looking for a needle in a haystack. I'm guessing it's easier in the U.S.?
    If one did get a G3 upgrade card though, I'm guessing that OS 9 would run no problem?
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    I got 128 MB of RAM for the PM6500 for just $56 (US). Found some online, ordered it with poor expectations, but it worked great. The price for it just a couple of years ago use to be over $100 for just 32MB. It has really gone down for some reason.

    Anyway, from what I have heard, the G3 card for the 6500 works great with OS9. It speeds everything up a lot. The thing is, for the most part, the 6500 is obsolete. I personally don't use mine for anything but storage (I put a 40GB HD in it) and MP3 listening (the subwoofer adds a little to the mix). I use my P4 laptop for everything else (I had to buy it for the college I went to).
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    Even with a million processor cards, you will NEVER run the 20th Aniversary Mac on OS X successfully. The latest operating system it can support is Mac OS 9.1.

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    Do you remember where you ordered it? I went to a Mac shop downtown and they wanted around $150 for 64megs. I went to another place and they said they haven't seen TAM memory for years (and that quite possibly I was one of the only people in the city who even _has_ a TAM.) I'd like to find a place that actually has memory for less than $100.
    I read somewhere that the TAM doesn't do well/recongnize any HDs over 2gig. I use ethernet to send MP3s over.

    Hey, what's the name of that app that has all the memory configurations for all the Macs ever created? I remember using it under 7.5 but don't remember the name :-(
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    Where is that from?

    And why not 9.2 ?
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    At MWNY one exhibitor had a TAM running Mac OS X, so yes, it is doable. (Who was it? I can't recall. Sonnet, perhaps?)

    Remember to keep any parts you remove from the TAM. Its collector value far exceeds its value as a computer.
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    if i remember correctly, the tam's have more in common with laptops than desktops. you may not be looking for (cheaper) desktop ram, it may be (expensive) laptop type ram you want.
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    Mac OS 9.2 requires a G3 or G4 processor.
    Mac OS 9.1 is the last Classic OS that'll run on any PowerPC.
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    yeah but again they have the G3 upgrade card so...:rolleyes:
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    Yeah, maybe officially... but since when has that stopped us? :D

    I suggest this be read:
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    From XLR8yourmac.com:

    Here's the URL (not down anymore :D ):

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    I'm an ex TAM (Twentieth Anniversary Mac) owner. There is only so much you can do with this "upright laptop" beauty until it coughs and gasps on its own upgrades. That's why I only had it for a couple of years...it just becomes obsolete like everything else.

    In July of 2001, it was announced that Sonnet Upgrade Cards supported OS X on TAM. Then Sonnet released a statement in March 2002 stating it would not actively pursue an OS X solution for the Cresendo L2 G3.

    I think Sonnet uses the same software (with a friendlier installer) as the free and open-source XPostFacto, which is available at the aforementioned web site. (http://eshop.macsales.com/osxcenter/xpostfacto.)

    XPF is very near to supporting 6400/6500/TAM, it sounds like, though supporting the L2 upgrade cards will be another challenge unto itself, and may in fact not be doable, according to the author. (The tech forum, which costs $10 to register for, is very interesting and valuable.) I'm also assuming that things like Comm Slot cards, TV/FM, and other features not available on "Pro" PCI Macs are not going to be well represented.

    Besides, Mac OS X does not support internal floppy drives, nor the 640 x 480 video as utilized by the Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh.

    Because of the above, I'd rather see a TAM accelerated, happily running, say, OS 8.6. Everything still works, it's not choking on its own vomit, and is still rather useful. (there was a certain thrill in starting the machine up via the remote control...talk about a gasp inducer, especially when that sub woofer kicked in with the start up chime). And I spent many happy hours running MYST...the sound was amazing.

    One thing I still hope Apple may do is give us another type of Anniversary machine...something outrageous, amazing, and limited in its run. But Steve had nothing to do with the TAM, and in fact had a fire sale when he noticed they weren't selling at $10,000 each. So I shouldn't hold my breath....
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    I've linked people there before but anything slower that 400 MHZ really shouldn't look at OS X as a real choice.
    Sure you may be able to run it, but at barily workable speed.
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    Are you referring to internal floppy drives in the TAM or ALL Macs? Because that would mean that the beige G3's floppy drives wouldn't work under OS X either. While I haven't personally tried using a floppy under OS X with my mom's beige G3 DT, I'd be surprised if it didn't work.
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    Try going to http://www.galaxyhp.com/memory_desk.html . I looked long and hard and they have a 64MB 5v 168-Pin EDO DIMM (aka, the memory used in the PM5500, 6500, TAM, etc) for only $33! This isn't the company I went through, but I don't remember who I did order mine from. But RAM is RAM for the most part, especially this older stuff. Plus, this site claims to have a lifetime guarentee, so that is even a better bonus. If that doesn't work, let me know and I'll help you find another store you can order through. Just scroll down the page to the "PowerMac 5400/6400, 20th Anniv. Mac" etc header. I am sure you are going to have to pay a lot on the shipping since you are overseas, but I bet you will save a considerable amount compared to buying it for over $100 in Japan. And what that one guy said about having to use laptop memory, he confused that with HDs. Yes, the TAM has to use laptop HDs, but it uses desktop RAM (although this was exceptionally expensive RAM for quite some time). Also, that myth of the TAM not working with drives over 4GB is just that: a myth. They had some problems apparently in the past, but since then, most people have had great results using anywhere from 12GB to 40GB HDs. These laptop HDs are more expensive than desktop HDs, I will say that much, though.
    Also, your TAM should run OS9.1 just fine without the upgrade card, but the upgrade card will definately help make the system seem more responsive.

    Now, to disprove that myth that a pre-G3 computer cannot run anything past MacOS 9.1. Well, I have a PM6500, and without any help from any articles or anything, I just used TomeRaider and installed OS9.2.2 manually. True, the system has to be the OS9.1 version, but everything else is 9.2.2. Also, there are numerous hacks that enable OSX booting on pre-G3 macs. I wouldn't really recomend it considering that the computer will run rather slow, but it can, and has been done many times.

    Also, if anybody ever needs help with 5500/6500/TAM issues, IM me and I'll be happy to help out in any way possible. I have had enough experiance with the 55/6500 that I rattle off most of the specs for both of them off the top of my head (yes, that is a sad life I lead;)), and the TAM is in many ways akin to the 55/6500 line, and I would be happy to look over some info I have on it if needed to help someone trouble-shoot anything.

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